January 3, 2022

What Carpet Is Best for Stairs?

Choosing the best carpet for staircases should be looked at for aesthetic, longevity & safety. Let's look at the points when wanting the best carpet for stairs.

Stairs represent a possible danger at your home, especially if the flooring is slippery. Therefore, choosing a carpet for stairs and hallway not only will reduce this risk, but it will also add style to your home. So, what carpet is best for stairs?

What Carpet Is Best for Stairs

Best Carpet for Stairs

The carpet on stairs should be long-lasting and slip-free, as it must be ready to withstand years of foot traffic and cleaning. Fortunately, you can learn to identify the carpeting for stairs you should look for. Continue reading to find out what you should consider when choosing the best type of carpet for stairs.


When it comes to materials, what carpet is best for stairs? Although there are several materials available, such as polyester, and olefin, synthetic nylon might be the best carpet for stairs, due to its strength, safety, and stain-resistance. There are two nylon variations that offer both warmth and resilience: nylon 6 which is more convenient when it comes to carpet recycling, but a little less resilient than nylon 6.6; however, both are good options.


How carpets are made is also an important factor in terms of durability. There are two main types of construction: staple and BCF (bulked continuous filament). Staple carpets use several short fiber lengths that are later woven together, while through BCF a whole section of carpeting is made from one long piece of fiber. Hence, BCF is preferred by manufacturers due to its design versatility and less shedding, which reduces the problem with carpets and allergies.


Despite its lack of bounciness, thin cushions like rubber, wool, foam, and synthetic fiber will offer a more stable surface. It is recommended to choose carpet padding with at least 3/8-inch thickness and 6 pounds of density. Furthermore, it is important to choose a top-grade carpet pad that extends the lifespan of your carpet.


When it comes to its pile, the best carpet for bedrooms and stairs has a low dense pile, about 3/4 inch or less. This aspect is particularly important when you look for the best carpet for pets. A great option is a synthetic plush style in a twisted or a cut pile.

On the other hand, in terms of pile density, other factors such as fiber thickness and tightness of the strands should be considered. Generally, the higher amount of fiber per square yard is (face weight), the better quality for higher traffic areas like stairs. This means you should look for at least a 35 to 45 oz face weight and a lower pile height. Also, a higher density carpet fiber tends to hold its shape longer, so for stairs or high traffic areas look for carpeting with a high density.

Stair Carpet Ideas


Although carpets usually feature warranties from 10 – 25 years, it is necessary to know what this warranty really covers. If the warranty only covers defects but not normal wear and tear, it might not be worth the extra fee for the higher priced carpet, but discuss your needs with the sales associate to make sure you get the carpet you need and what suits your lifestyle.


Even if the brand offers you a wide variety of designs and great customer service, it might not be worth the extra money if the warranties do not cover your needs. However, common branded carpets made of PET (Polyester), Smart-Strand or Nylons are treated with cutting-edge procedures for stain resistance, that usually offer a limited lifetime stain guarantee . It is important to think about durability when you decide to get a new carpet for basement stairs or any other type of home stairs, as more affordable designs might represent a higher investment in the long run.

Carpet Color for Staircases

Although colors such as creams and ivories look fantastic, they are not a good choice for the carpet on stairs. The best carpet for a high foot traffic area needs to be in deeper neutral colors that prevent it from looking dirty too quickly.  It is recommended to choose deeper neutrals like coffee and taupe. Moreover, some manufacturers offer subtle blends of colors that will mask dirt effectively.

Best Carpet for Staircases

Selecting the Best Carpet for Staircases

Carpet grade is a system that determines carpet quality from low to high-end on a scale from 1 to 12; however, each carpet manufacturer weighs quality factors to grade their own products. Therefore, to find what carpet is best for stairs and ensure great quality, ask for carpets specifically designed for stairs or for industrial-grade carpeting, which is commonly used in public spaces like restaurants and theaters.

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