Carpet Recycling in Glendale Arizona

Carpet Recycling in Glendale Arizona Is Easier Than You Think. It may not be too long before you will be able to ride your worn out carpet to work.
While that comment sounds as though it deserves a chuckle. Any Glendale Arizona Carpet Company will tell you that one of the greatest challenges facing not only the country but the world is ensuring that rather than ending up in landfills “used” carpet needs to be recycled. carpet recycling

To understand the magnitude of this issue one need only consider some of the most recent numbers issued by CARE.
“CARE” is the Acronym for “Carpet America Recovery Effort.” And, the numbers that Brown alluded to is the fact that CARE estimates that, worldwide, nearly five billion tons of carpet winds up in landfills annually. But, there are traditional things that it can be recycled:
• Carpet Fibers
• Backings
• New Carpet
• Cushions
• Engineered Resins

In the near future, Glendale Arizona carpet estimates may very well include a fee for hauling used carpet away to centers that can, and will, recycle the materials rather than having then being simply hauled away to landfills.
One of the more creative ways carpet is being recycled is being developed by a New Zealand firm that is converting used carpet into bicycles. WISHBONE DESIGN, a firm created by Rich and Jenny McIver, has actually developed a process by which the carpet literally is transformed into bicycles. The process includes the following steps:
• Carpet fibers are shaved from the backing.
• Those fibers are processed via a proprietary process, which heats the material to liquid form.
• Glass fiber is added for strength and rigidity.

Wishbone Design creates bikes from old carpets.

Photograph: Wishbone

As the process continues some two kilos of recycled carpet nylon is converted into an aesthetically pleasing adjustable bike frame that can be used by youths from age one to six. The McIver’s are, however, working on more “adult size” bikes.
“Cycling is a lifestyle choice for the future,” Jenny shared, “and we are glad that we can help with innovative ways of furthering that trend.”

If you are contemplating a flooring installation in Glendale, AZ you may want to make sure that your used carpeting is properly recycled. To get the best possible price and customer service for all types of flooring available for your Flooring in Glendale AZ, contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931. He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding the best flooring solutions for your project!!

*** If you need to recycle your old carpet and pad, you can Google “carpet recycling (your zip code)” to see who can service you. Unfortunately Brandi Carpet does not except old carpet, we also recycle.

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