What Is the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas?

On a daily basis, some areas of your home are exposed to high foot traffic, so when you plan to install new carpets in them, it’s important to look for slip-free and highly resistant materials. So, what is the best carpet for high traffic areas?

What Is the Best Carpet?

The good news is that most modern carpets also work great as high traffic carpets. Therefore, when choosing a carpet your decision will mostly be influenced by your budget, the amount of carpet cleaning you are willing to do, and your preferences in terms of style. Continue reading to see a comparison of the most common types of carpet fibers and find out which one is the best for you.

What is the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas

What is the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas

Types of Fibers

The thousands of fibers that form a carpet are industrially attached to a backing. These fibers can either be “loop carpets” (fibers are stitched into closed loops) or “cut-pile carpets” (fibers are cut at one end). When it comes to piles, they can be high or low; the high ones loose and fluffy, while the low ones are smooth, flat, and firm.


Although density and shape are determined by the fibers, it is very important to know what these fibers are made of, as their material will have an impact on your carpeting’s maintenance and care. So, what is the best carpet for high traffic areas in terms of materials? The most common materials for carpets: Nylon, polypropylene, and PET (polyester) and their benefits:


With proper care, nylon is a great option when you are looking for a durable carpet. Thanks to its resistance to baby food stains and many other types of spills, durability, and the incredibly wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors, nylon could be the best carpet for pets and high traffic areas.


Also known as olefin, this synthetic material is great for both indoor and outdoor carpeting, and offers qualities as moisture and stain-resistance, even to those tea or coffee stains. However, it is a less durable option for high traffic areas.


Commonly known as polyester, PET is considerably long-lasting but less resistant to wear than nylon in really high traffic areas. However, due to its luxurious look yet affordable price, it is an excellent cost-efficient option for those areas of medium foot traffic.

High Traffic Carpet

High Traffic Carpet

Worry Less, Enjoy Your Carpet More

There is no need to worry while buying a new carpet for a high foot traffic area, as most modern carpets can withstand years of use. Due to convenient technological innovations that provide carpets with stain-resistance, waterproofing, and a non-slippery surface, even the least pricey carpets offer comfort and quality. According to most homeowners, what is the best carpet for high traffic areas? Due to their qualities, the most popular is low-pile carpets made of either nylon, Smart-Strand or polyester.