June 30, 2022

Waterproof & Water Resistant Carpet

What is Water-Resistant and Waterproof Carpet and What are the Benefits?

Many people like carpet because of the texture and warmth it offers, along with all the different styles and color options. However one major problem with carpet is that most cannot withstand water. Average carpet is quick to absorb liquid and depending on how thick the carpet pile or subsurface pad, it could leave a stain that may not come out when professionally cleaned. These types of carpets also tend to mold, causing a safety issue. Water-resistant and waterproof carpets are great for families with kids and pets, and for homeowners that live in an area with lots of rain and might have the risk of flooding.

Moisture resistant carpeting can be a great option for any room of the home, if selected correctly. Let's jump into our buyer's guide of water-resistant, waterproof carpet and look at the benefits.

Waterproof Carpet

Waterproof carpet is a carpet that can withstand water, along with other liquids. The fibers are often made from polyester and have been coated with a stain and moisture resistant chemical. The fibers are embedded on a mat that prevents moisture from penetrating below the carpet. This is great for areas that will most likely experience water or any other type of liquid. Waterproof carpet is exceptionally durable and easy to clean but may not have the vast selection of colors, patterns and comfort levels as you would see in non-waterproof carpet.

Water-Resistant Carpet

Similar to water proof carpet, water-resistant carpet is made from polyester fibers that have been coated with a stain and moisture resistant chemical. However the fibers are not embedded on a mat that prevents moisture from seeping through. So if anything is spilled and left for a long period of time on the carpet, the sub-carpet pad can be damaged by penetrating liquids, causing bacterial growth or worse-mold. These types of carpets will resist stains and most liquids. This does not mean that it will be impenetrable because it can easily get damaged without proper care and attention.

Waterproof Carpeting

The Benefits of Waterproof & Water-Resistant Carpet Types

Waterproof Carpeting

  • Great for outdoor living spaces. You can use these carpets outside to have a nicer floor.
  • Great for high traffic areas. This carpet is easy to clean and will not show stains.
  • Carpet tiles can be tossed in the washing machine
  • Lasts longer than most other carpets
  • Little maintenance
  • Mold resistant 
  • Can withstand floods
  • Great for kitchens and dining rooms

Water-Resistant Carpeting

  • Easier to clean than regular carpet
  • Great for any room of the house
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Cleans easier than regular carpet
  • Lasts longer than regular carpet
  • Mold resistant however mold can grow if the floor under the carpet comes into contact with liquid. 

Benefits of Water Resistant Carpet
Moisture Resistnt Carpeting

Carpet Waterproof Flooring

Both waterproof and water-resistant carpets are great choices for your home. If you plan on having carpet in the dining room, laundry room, kitchen, or outside, water proof carpet would be the best route. However, if you are installing carpet in your living room or any other area that will most likely not be exposed to water then water-resistant carpet will do just fine. Water resistant carpet will also work fine in your dining room as long there is no habit of spilling liquid on the floor. Overall waterproof and water resistant carpets improve the look of your home because you will no longer have stained carpets. For those hesitant to install carpeting, water-resistant and waterproof carpets can be more appealing than regular carpets because they are easier to maintain and offer stain protection against every day life. At Brandi Carpet, we offer various types of carpet and have installed countless carpet flooring projects in commercial and residential applications.

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