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Ceramic tile has always been a very popular flooring application for both residential and commercial installation. Available in a variety of sizes and styles Brandi Carpet and Flooring offers a large selection of ceramic floor tiles, both glazed and unglazed, that feature rich colors and textures that will complement any interior or exterior decor. Ceramic tile flooring can have the look of Modern Contemporary, to the classic styling of Italian, Spanish, or Chinese designs at an affordable price range. Using innovative designing techniques, ceramic tiles can even match the look of natural stone or wood tile. Our fine range of premium ceramic flooring products can enrich the look of any installation from the usual into a lively and enduring contemporary or classic style. The high quality and extreme durability of ceramic tiles will last a lifetime on your floors.


Porcelain floor tiles are both versatile and elegant, a superior flooring solution that has gained popularity among homeowners, builders, and interior designers. Porcelain floor tiles are fashioned from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at higher temperatures than ordinary ceramic tile. As with regular ceramic floor tiling porcelain tiles can have the look of Modern Contemporary, South Western, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, or Oriental designs. Porcelain tile is much denser than ordinary ceramic tiles and tough enough to withstand all of today’s flooring applications both indoors and out. Porcelain tiles may be high gloss and refined or of a rougher texture that can resemble natural stone flooring.


Marble tile remains a classic beauty. Marble is formed from limestone that is super-heated to form its unique crystalline structure and appearance. The stone undergoes a metamorphosis. It crystallizes and becomes much denser and harder than ordinary limestone. Marble tile has a natural elegance that sets a grand statement when applied to any entrance way or floor space within your residence or commercial building space. Marble tile floors will last forever and are easily cleaned and maintained. Marble flooring has a reputation of being one of the most luxurious home design materials available and its attractive veining and unique colors will truly make it stand out in any setting.


Quartzite floor tile is a hard metamorphic rock that is formed from sandstone. Through a process of extreme high heating and heavy pressure, sandstone is transformed into Quartzite stone that can be cut to produce an extremely hard flooring material. Quartzite tiles quite often have a wondrously sparkling appearance and texture as individual quartz deposits crystallized in high heat and pressure. The high strength of Quartzite makes it an ideal solution for all flooring applications. Quartzite tiles are easily maintained.


Onyx stone is a type of quartz. Onyx tile has unique naturally beautiful translucent appearance often with lines of differing colors running throughout the stone that defines its unique color characteristics. Onyx stone colors are softer than other natural stone used as flooring. Onyx is an opulent flooring application that can have the appearance of being perhaps delicate yet is of high strength that is required of any flooring material. Certainly refined. Onyx tile is truly a premium surface flooring material. Onyx tiles require some care, but with a little maintenance you can keep them looking new for years and years. If you are looking for flooring that is distinctive and unique, please consider onyx tile for your new flooring.


Granite is an igneous rock that was formed from ancient volcanic activity. Molten rock that has undergone huge amounts of heat and pressure over vast periods of time. Cooled and solidified magma creates the stylish material used for production of granite tile flooring. Granite is perhaps the hardest natural stone flooring used and like marble tile, granite is a highly durable and quite versatile material that’s wonderfully suited for floor coverings. Granite tile flooring remains a very popular flooring solution because of its high resiliency, great strength, and large number of unique colors available.


Slate is formed from highly compressed sedimentary layers formed beneath the vast pressures of the oceans. The unique textures and interesting earth-tone colors make slate tile an exceptional interior or exterior flooring material. Its tough rugged material composition makes slate tile resistant to fading, scratches, and even harsh chemicals. Although it does need to be sealed on a regular basis. Slate tiles, like all natural stone flooring, will last virtually forever with very little maintenance required.


Travertine stone is a type of limestone. Travertine tiles come in a wide variety of colors from ivories to beige to earthy reddish browns, and even golden depending on how much iron is present within its composition. Travertine tile is a popular flooring material as it is one of the most durable natural stone floor tile options offered. With their natural neutral color values, travertine’s rough-hewn look adds texture and a striking appeal to any flooring application. Anywhere you would consider a natural stone tile application, Travertine can be used. It is a rather porous stone (with natural holes), that will need to be sealed prior to grouting and again after installation with a penetrating sealer.


Limestone was formed by settled sedimentary rocks pressurizing at the bottom of the ocean floor. Compared to other natural stones, limestone is one of the softer products available and offered as a flooring material. This means, that you should avoid putting limestone tiles in high-traffic areas as it could chip or break. Limestone is very porous. If you are going to use it as a flooring option, you will have to seal it periodically for best results. The naturally muted tones of limestone tiles are generally softer beige and tans.

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