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Choosing the best carpet type and style for your home or office doesn’t have to be complicated, even with the many choices readily available for your floor. To simplify it, carpet comes in only three basic styles. And there are six primary types of fibers used in carpets and area rugs. That’s all. The Carpet is manufactured with cut pile tufts, loop pile tufts or a combination of both cut pile and loop pile tufts. Cut pile carpets are constructed from either staple fibers or bulk continuous filament (BCF). Staple fibers will cause some pilling (shedding) at the very first after installation. This is because staple yarns used are made up of shortcut fibers that are spun together exactly like cotton or wool.

Staple fibers will always shed loose filaments for a short time following your flooring installation. Shedding does not affect the performance or long-term appearance of your new carpet. Realize that this is very normal and the shedding will stop in a short period of time depending upon the frequency of vacuuming and the amount of traffic over the carpet. Carpets manufactured from bulk continuous filament will experience less shedding after installation than carpets made using staple fibers.

Cut Pile Carpeting

- Cut Pile Carpet Saxony-Plush Carpet

Cut Pile Carpeting, depending on the type yarn used, may look smooth (like Saxony) or have a slight textured appearance (textured Saxony or textured Plush) or even as if the surface of the carpet is covered by very curly tips (frieze). Cut pile carpets are quite versatile and are commonly installed in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and dens. The more twisted (textured) the yarn is the less they will show traffic (footprints and vacuum cleaner marks). Friezé styles are fairly durable and reveal minimal traffic (footprints and vacuum marks). Textured carpeting does hide footprints and vacuum marks as well. Smooth carpeting like Saxony styles will show traffic.

Loop Pile Carpeting

- Berber Loop Carpet, Commercial loop carpet

Loop Pile Carpeting has a somewhat knobby looking appearance that is made by each tuft of yarn being brought back into the backing. Loop pile carpets are generally much more durable than all cut pile carpets. Loop-pile carpeting can be made up of either level loops (fiber loops of all the same height) or multi-level loops (fiber loops sewn at various heights) that form patterns and add more texture to the carpet floor covering.

Cut and Loop Carpeting

Cut and Loop Carpeting (also called cut & uncut carpet) has a combination of both loops and cut pile yarns that are used to create patterned designs. Patterned carpets do help hide traffic patterns quite well and also will provide a much more interesting visual appearance to the floor. If an area of the home has a lot of foot traffic, for example, a family room or rec-room then a cut and loop carpet will serve that area very well.

Carpet Fibers

Carpet Stores sometimes seem to forget that we need to educate the consumer as to all aspects of what they are looking at. Brandi Carpet Stores will always take time to sit down and fully educate you concerning your new purchase. Flooring fibers, the materials that are used to manufacture carpets are mostly produced from synthetic Man-Made materials that are much more resistant to wear and stains and less expensive than natural materials such as wool. The carpet flooring that are natural fibers, such as wool, will tend to resist crushing from traffic but may stain if not properly treated and maintained. There are six, (6) primary types of material fibers used in the production of carpets and area rugs: Acrylic, Nylon, Olefin, Combinations of Nylon & Olefin, Polyesters (new & recycled), and Natural Wool.


In the world today we all need to make our purchases to go the distance. We at Brandi Carpet understand this as well as anyone else. So we have a number of selections available that will meet the needs of even the most budget minded customer. So even if you are seeking cheap carpets, our team can offer many options without the need of degrading flooring quality.

Each and every carpet we offer is manufactured by a major carpet company right here in The United States. So you can be certain of the high standards and excellent quality that will be covering your floors. In addition, each meets or exceeds all recommended standards as set for the industry, so you can also be sure of your families safety as well as comfort.Brandi Carpet and Flooring has been helping homeowners and businesses make their residential and commercial carpet and flooring decisions since 1971.

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