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Shop quality carpet flooring or let us them to you. As a Family Owned and Operated Flooring Company, we have developed relationships with not only homeowners and local businesses but, we have 4 decades of business relationships with Carpeting and Flooring Manufacturers. This means we are able to provide the homeowner with the largest and diverse line of carpet flooring solutions at lower prices because we purchase direct from the factory not from middle men. With so much buying power over the years, our customers get the best price guaranteed! Plus, customers save more when Brandi installs carpet flooring.

We are able to provide you with a larger and more complete range of residential carpet selections from all The Quality Carpet Manufacturers not just a selected few. This gives the homeowner a great one-stop shop opportunity to view and choose the carpeting that best fits your interior, as well as the contractor that installs carpet.

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With Brandi Carpet Store & Installation the customer will never wonder what else may have been available and at what cost because we provide the largest selection possible including the latest carpet styles. Our team also offers mobile services. We can bring our full showroom directly into your home with samples.

Lights, Camera, Action...

The Advantages Of Viewing Carpet In Your Home

As a homeowner you benefit greatly by being able to actually see, feel and witness carpeting styles in your home before it is purchased and installed. Lighting will be quite different inside your residence than inside a carpet showroom. Light is either absorbed or reflected by your walls and home furniture. No matter how hard any showroom tries to stage flooring to be viewed it will never match the lighting inside your home exactly.

This leaves customers playing guessing games trying to decide what may be right for your home interior as opposed to being in your home and being absolutely certain that you’ve made the best decision as to your choice of carpeting that exactly matches your decor.

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With Brandi Carpet you are provided convenience and assurance that you’ve made the right choice that best fits your home carpeting needs. Call us today. Our professional staff will be here to assist you with sales, installation, and consultation.