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Brandi Carpet has been Flooring in Phoenix and surrounding areas since 1971 with our very competitive prices, we provide residential and commercial sales and installation for carpet, tile, wood, laminates and custom area rugs.


Carpets are named and grouped by the way each carpet is made. The fabric used is first woven through a backing material thousands of times to produce a carpet. Each time this action takes place the fabric forms a loop. These loops are then either left as is or are sheared, producing all the various styles of carpets you have to choose from. What is termed a “looped carpet” could then be a shag carpet with longer loops of material pulled through the backing or a berber carpet with much tighter shorter loops. A “cut pile” carpet is when these loops are actually cut during the process of producing the carpet. A “cut looped” carpet has both whole loops and cut pile mostly producing the textured carpets that have become more popular today. All carpeting starts as looped carpet.

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Laminate flooring

Looking for wood, stone, or tile for your floor? Then you may want to think about laminate flooring! Laminates readily duplicate the look of other flooring choices at a much lower price. Laminates are also constructed to be a very long lasting flooring material. This product is fade resistant, is resistant to nearly all stains, is quite affordable and is rather quick to install. Laminates are also easy to keep clean and maintain.

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Hardwood flooring has long been valued as a top quality floor covering. Wood flooring is certainly a home improvement that will actually increase the value of your residence and be a selling point if you should choose to put your house on the market. Wood flooring will last as long as the dwelling and you can refinish it to compliment any new look your home may take on.

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Vinyl flooring is durable and overall extremely resistant to moisture. Vinyl is easy to care for and maintain with sweeping and damp mop and is manufactured with a special backing to prevent mildew growth and damage from water seepage. The vinyl flooring of today will last for a relatively long time and is resistant to UV fading, stains and dents. Vinyl is also quiet and softer underfoot than tile or stone, is easy to repair and very affordable. Vinyl is also manufactured in a wide array of colors and patterns, and like some laminates even replicate wood or stone.

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Do you have any high-traffic area in your home or office? Then tile may well be the flooring solution for you. With a seemingly endless variety of styles and color options, tile flooring is versatile and can be installed in any room in the residence or business. Tile flooring is especially useful in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Any floor that may receive large amounts of moisture. Glazed tiles resist wear and dirt well. Naturally beautiful, tile flooring is highly unlikely to scratch or chip and can be purchased with a mildly abrasive finish to prevent slippage. Tile floors are extremely tough and very easy to maintain.

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