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Types of wood flooring

There are two specific types of wood flooring available, Solid Hardwood and Engineered Wood flooring.

Traditional hardwood flooring that is of one solid piece of wood from top to bottom regardless of width or length, this is solid hardwood flooring. Each board ( plank or strip ) is manufactured from one single piece of wood. Usual floor board sizes vary from 3/8″ up to 3/4″, with other sizes available on custom orders. Solid wood flooring is usually installed using tongue-and-groove. Most often solid wood flooring comes unfinished, but there are many factory finished solid hardwood flooring products available. Depending on the species of wood decided on for your floor, certain floors will be harder and more durable than others. The harder the floor, the less susceptible it is to dings and scratches.

There are numerous species of woods to choose from, domestic wood flooring from the United States to imported exotic woods from nearly everywhere in the World. With a large range of colored stains and finish types to choose from as well, allowing your hardwood floor to truly be a one of a kind work of art. This flooring product is a good choice for any room in your home or commercial building from the ground level up. Solid hardwood flooring products normally can be professionally refinished a number of times providing for years and years of additional value.
Engineered wood has the same look, feel, and beauty of solid hardwood flooring. Engineered woods for flooring are real natural wood that is manufactured by using multiple layers of thinner wood veneers glued together to produce a flooring plank. This product is available in several different ply thickness, with 3 and 5 ply being normal. The grain of the wood runs in different directions with each layer for added stability (unlike solid wood floors).

Engineered wood construction produces a more stable flooring product. The greater stability means that it is less prone to changes from temperature and humidity in the room. As such, engineered wood flooring can be used in those areas of the building where a solid wood flooring installation is unsuitable. The most common areas are basements, and any areas where moisture could be a concern such as a bath or washroom.
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