January 3, 2022

What Is The Best Carpet for Pets?

The type of carpet makes the difference for pet hair, pet stains (pee & urine) & odors. Let's discuss the best carpet for pets and pet proof carpet types.

When homeowners are also pet lovers, there are two main qualities they look for in their new pet-friendly or pet proof carpet: it needs to be the best stain resistant carpet, easy cleanup for pet hair, and needs to be durable for carpet in areas of high traffic. Considering that our pets and normal foot traffic can shorten carpet lifespan, it is highly important for homeowners to find the best pet proof carpet available on the market.

Best Carpet for Pets

So, what type of carpet is best with pets? Pet-friendly carpets are usually wall-to-wall carpeting, as most pets tend to be lying around on the floor. Moreover, there are great carpets for stairs, and as they are non-slip surfaces, they are safer for animals. As they absorb sound, carpets can make your home a quieter and more peaceful place too.

Nevertheless, carpeting is a common concern for people with allergies and asthma, due to the pet dander and dust collections usually trapped in the carpets until they are vacuumed up. According to research, while some sources mention that wall-to-wall carpeting is the best option for allergy sufferers as long as carpets are cleaned and vacuumed often, some other sources recommend luxury vinyl, tile or hardwood flooring.

But if you are still considering a carpet for your home, and you have pets in your house, what type of carpet is best with pets? There are a few factors you should consider before buying the best carpet for pets:

Best Carpet for Pet Stains

Carpet Materials & Types

Natural fiber, wool, or synthetic fibers such as polyester, olefin, and nylon are common materials for carpeting. Although wool is the softest and fanciest material with a flame-retarding quality, it is more expensive than synthetic fibers and it is not as stain-resistant. Olefin is among the cheapest material, but the durability is not that good for a residential indoor carpet, they are mostly designed for a patio carpet.

So, what type of carpet is best with pets in terms of material? Due to durability, resistance to stains, and price, Polyester and Smart-Strand carpets are a good choice for households with pets.

VOCs in Carpet Flooring

VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) can be found in carpets and other materials at home, and they can cause throat, eye, and nose irritation, as well as some neurological effects. Most modern carpets contain lower levels of VOCs than old carpets, and they are also usually made from recycled materials. Thankfully with greater technology in manufacturing the carpets produced today have very low VOCs.

Pet-Friendly Carpet

Pet Friendly Carpets

In order to avoid bacteria and mold growth, when choosing a carpet consider purchasing one that has been designed to prevent pet stains from soaking through to the carpet padding you chose or ask your carpet dealer about moisture barrier padding which will provide the same protection and it may save you a few dollars. Furthermore, keep in mind that some colors or patterns are better to hide pet hair, and that dense carpets also help prevent the pet hair from working its way down deep in the pyle of the carpet. Do not forget to clean your new, pet-friendly carpet often and well to prevent mold from growing, check with your carpet dealer on how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned to comply with the warranty.

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