Wood floor colors and you Phoenix flooring company

Wood floor colors and you Phoenix flooring company. What is the most difficult decision you ever had to make? What was the easiest decision you ever had to make? Believe it or not, for many people choosing their flooring color is far closer to the former than the latter. That’s why when it is time to choose the color of your hard wood floor, you need to seriously consider WOOD FLOOR COLORS AND YOUR PHOENIX FLOORING COMPANY.
Many designers and home owners today are tending to be more creative and push the boundaries of tradition design. However It is still important to keep certain ‘guidelines’ in tact to avoid making a costly or embarrassing flooring ‘fashion’ mistake.

wood floor colors

wood floor colors

As in virtually every other aspect of home décor, there are certain tips you can follow when determining the color of the floor in various rooms. These include:

  •  Room size
  •  Ceiling height
  •  Color & Texture of the Walls
  •  Avoid dark colored floors in small rooms with dark walls
  •  In a low-ceiling room light floor coloring works best
  •  Natural colored floors tend to best conceal scratches, small dents, and dust
  •  Floor color should not match furniture color, but rather be a contrast (If they are the same this can be “buffered” with an area rug)
  •  When possible get a flooring sample – – flooring chosen from photos might look “different” once the wood actually shows up
  •  Bold and deep colors are especially good for adding character to offices and/or public areas

Something that is often overlooked when choosing the color of wood floors is you need to be aware of not only what the color will be when you put the floor down, but what it will look like in five, ten or even twenty years.

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