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Shaw Carpet Showroom & Wholesale Dealer

Whenever you are considering carpet stores in Arizona or Shaw carpet wholesale dealers, shopping for the best price is only one step to it. Store reviews, warranty and services are just as important when shopping for Shaw carpet.

We at Brandi Carpet have been voted the #1 rated flooring store by our clients in the Greater Metro area since 1977. This means homeowners and business owners just like yourself rely on us for all their carpet and flooring needs.

When shopping Shaw carpet stores, settling for non-reputable brand manufacturers just to save money could be a pitfall. One reason we sell Shaw carpet is because it is among the best in quality and durability. With top quality manufacturing, and warranties, Shaw Carpet is recognized as one of the best in the flooring industry.

Top Customer Service

We opened our business in 1971. That’s nearly 50 years of being in the flooring business under the same name in The Valley! Brandi Carpet has faithfully been serving all of our customers with top quality products at competitive prices.

People are welcome to browse our showroom, or we can bring the gallery samples right to your door at a convenient time. Either way shopping for carpet and flooring doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

From the beginning customer satisfaction has been our goal. My Father, Charles Brown, believed that providing top quality service to each and every customer was the key to success, and we continue to follow the wisdom. This is one of the many reasons that our Flooring Store has thrived. Over the many years that we’ve continually been in business.\

Shaw Carpet Wholesale

Shopping for discounts might bring to mind numerous images of from some large impressive Big Box Store that sells everything in home improvement from floor moldings to mold remover, or an Outlet Warehouse type of operation. For our customers we have compiled the following information to help make purchasing easier and more secure when shopping outside Shaw carpet dealers.

  • Big Box Stores
  • Carpet Outlet
  • Carpet Warehouse
  • Remnant Stores

Big Box Stores:
These large corporate operations will give you the precise notion that they ‘Specialize’ in everything they sell. Well that may be true. I won’t call anyone a liar. Ok.. You caught me. It isn’t true and can’t be. They may very well have an expert for Latex Paint, PVC pipe, Roofing Joists, Solar Panels, AND Carpet Flooring. Could be but, highly doubtful. Chances are they will even sell flooring from all the same Major Manufacturers that we do but, there is a difference. While they may sell major manufacturers of carpet they won’t be able to discuss at any length different types of carpets or what, and why a family with children will need over the next 15 to 20 years as opposed to Seniors later in life. Think about it this way. You have seen employees at these stores cut duplicate keys, yes? Would you consider them locksmiths? Never!

And although they may have carpet sales these same stores that sold the flooring will not specialize in the installation. Big Box type operations all use 3rd party installers. And the 3rd party may actually hire anyone they can find who seems to have a strong back.
If you as a customer had any problems with the product(s) once it’s on your floors, who would you call? The company that you made your purchase from, correct? Naturally. This is exactly what would happen at that point. Once you’ve finally made a connection with some Manager of the Big Box Store, (this is after being on hold, transferred to several lower level employees) you would be instructed that you MUST take that up with the Company who laid your floors down. Seriously? Seriously.

Carpet Outlets: These stores mostly all have a very fairly large inventory. And again the initial impression will be good. After all if these guys have all this product they Must know their business. Right? Well sort of. Their business is obtaining a large inventory of products to sell. Period. They buy very low and sell as high as they can. The rub comes in when you find out that the rolls that you’re looking at may have been discontinued items manufactured from more than a decade ago and stuck in a warehouse until it finally gets purchased, in bulk, then shipped to their showroom. The problem is you won’t find out. Not until something goes wrong, and then you could be stuck.

So are the warranties valid from the original manufacturer? Maybe. And do they employ their own installers? Again, maybe. How long have their employees worked in the industry? How long have they worked for the company?    carpet-rolls

Carpet Warehouses: Carpet warehouses are very similar to outlets usually these shops will provide floor coverings from more than one manufacturer. Again they may look impressive to the untrained eye. Rolls and rolls of carpeting stacked, piled, and heaped up into row after row of floor covering. Truth be told you may as well be looking at some elephant’s grave yard. Why is it here? Where did it all come from? These materials most are often overstocked items that didn’t sell because frankly the styling was poor or maybe the color was off. At any rate if you were to buy one of these you’d be at best rolling the dice. You’d be lucky to come away with a minor warranty and if something went wrong with the installation you’d be on your own.

  • Remnant Stores
    I always think back to the days when some people still had black and white television sets. In every major city there had to be at least one guy with a late night TV commercial who called himself something like, Crazy Carl. Crazy Carl’s Carpet Sales. “With Discounts So Big You’ll Know I’m CRAZY”! These guys now sell carpet remnants. Need I say more?

The Best Competitive Shaw Carpet Prices

When you’ve decided to obtain carpet for your home or office finding the best carpet store can seem overwhelming at first especially with the number of carpet dealers in Arizona. Just search Carpet Stores, and your choices are seemingly endless. A few initial considerations will help you narrow the field and allow you to make the best decisions before you purchase.

Our Business Qualifications

1: How long has that carpet dealer been in business?
  • Brandi Carpet Flooring has been selling and installing flooring in Arizona for over 45 years. Both residential and commercial. I believe that we are the oldest Family Owned And Operated Independent Flooring dealer in Arizona.

Overall Best Brand Names Available

2: Selection.
  • Because we are an Independent Flooring Company we offer all High Quality Name Brand Floor Coverings. Other privately owned flooring stores may offer you one particular name brand, but we allow you to compare all name brands side by side to determine exactly which product is the best choice for you. Samples of your choices will be provided to you either in our store or we can bring them to your location at no charge.
  • Because we carry all name brand manufacturers you can be assured that we aren’t valuing one brand over another to fulfill some quota required by our suppliers.
  • Because we have the experience we can also give you sound advice as to which carpeting will best fit your needs for the areas you decide to cover. Even and especially if you decide to mix and match manufactures. (This can happen in instances where several rooms require flooring. One type of floor covering may be best suited for the children’s bedroom and a complete selection will be more suitable for the Parent’s bedroom, for example.)
3: Availability. Are their hours good for your schedule and where are their locations?
  • At Brandi Carpet we make our schedule fit your needs. You can come to our Showroom located in the North West Valley or we can bring our Mobile Showroom directly to your location with all the flooring samples you want. At no charge.

Best Carpet Installers In Arizona

We’ve been in the business since 1971. I employ Only Seasoned Craftsmen. Almost anyone can be taught how to show you some flooring  samples in a short period of time. But this doe not make a salesperson. Or perhaps it does. Maybe that’s why we don’t employ sales people!


Family Room Carpeting


Plush Shaw Carpet

We do however employ craftsmen. Craftsmen that understand what the proper techniques of installation are and that will always be one of the primary keys to having happy customers. We employ only the best carpet installers in Arizona. I have to my Father who began this company wouldn’t have it any other way. Your satisfaction keeps our doors open. Many of our employees have been with the company since before my Father retired. And that too is important.

Discount Shaw Carpeting

Providing Discount Carpet in Arizona doesn’t mean you need to cut corners or supply inferior merchandise. We sell Brand names such as Mohawk, discount carpet Bliss, and Dream Weaver at an affordable price. We have developed long-standing business relationships with each supplier we use because of this we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the most reasonable affordable prices in the Arizona.

Call us today. My name is Chris Brown, I’m the owner. Chances are I’ll be the first person you speak to when you call. Thank you.