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Brandi Carpet is the ultimate destination if you want premium carpeting, laminate flooring, new tile, flooring installation services, or other flooring products and services.

For over 43 years, our family owned and operated company has worked to provide residents with superior flooring solutions they can rely on at a discounted price. Our flooring and tile company can ensure that the work is performed to your complete satisfaction.

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As the #1 carpet store in Phoenix, we are able to offer our customers leading manufacture carpet brands and styles at a discounted price. Brandi Carpet buys in volumes  Our carpet store has retained an excellent reputation for giving our customers good value for their money, great products, and a level of customer service that is unsurpassed. We have served thousands of customers over the years, and 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed when you come to us. Our customers can always expect professionalism, flooring solutions at all pricing levels, and honest business practices they can count on. Be sure to browse our current discount specials page to get amazing deals on flooring products.

Flooring Services We Offer

  • Vinyl Installation and Sales
  • Residential-Commercial Steam Cleaning Services for Carpet-Flooring
  • Residential and Commercial Tile Installation and Sales
  • Residential and Commercial Carpet Installation and Sales
  • Natural Stone Installation and Sales
  • Laminate Flooring Installation and Sales
  • Hardwood Installation and Sales
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Sanding Services
  • Flooring Disposal and Demolition
  • Custom Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Carpet Base Sales
  • Commercial VCT Installation and Sales
  • Carpet Repair and Re-stretching Services
  • Area Rugs Custom Cut to Your Specifications
  • Phoenix Carpeting Services

Carpet Installation Phoenix AZ

All of our installations come with a two-year installation warranty. Each flooring product warranty is specific to its manufacturer, and it’s application. Please ask your sales representative or estimator if you have any questions regarding your warranty.

Carpet Pads

Choosing a proper carpet pad Is needed to extend the life of your carpet and to protect the warranty of it. Many choices and options exist for the padding beneath your new carpet and choosing the correct carpet padding does not have to be confusing. This guide will help you make the best decision for your own home flooring requirements. Remember our flooring experts at Brandi Carpet and Flooring are always here to help. Just give us a call.

Padding is a critical flooring component for every home carpet installation. It is the foundation for your carpet and is designed for enhancing both durability and for the comfort you’ll enjoy.

Padding is manufactured from different materials, including bonded urethane, urethane foam, foam rubber, sponge rubber, and felted combinations of hair and jute. To learn more about different types of carpet padding call Brandi Carpet, your carpet and flooring experts. Carpet pads, or “cushioning,” is available in three basic types: foam, fiber, and rubber.

Carpet manufacturers’ warranties require that you choose the proper padding with appropriate density to handle the traffic on the flooring.

The proper choice of padding for your floors carpet will:

  • Make your carpeting more comfortable and your carpet will stay newer longer by the padding absorbing the constant pressure that comes from walking on your carpet.
  • Help to keep your home quieter.
  • Will help to keep the carpet from matting down and crushed looking.
  • Help to keep your carpet cleaner by allowing space between the carpet and floor so the carpet “breathes.”

Improper carpet padding may:

  • May cause the carpet to pull apart at the seems.
  • Cause bunching up or buckling and wrinkling.
  • Wear the carpet down in high traffic areas.
  • Void the warranty of your carpet.

The type and thickness of cushion your carpet will need varies according to traffic levels and carpet styles. Example: bedrooms and other areas with light or moderate traffic, often use thicker and softer carpet cushion. Heavy traffic areas require thinner and firmer cushion due to higher foot traffic. Such as hallways and family rooms.

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