Why You Need A Free Flooring Quote Phoenix Glendale AZ

Why You Need A Free Flooring Quote Phoenix Glendale AZ. Since 1971 Brandi Carpet and Flooring has given a free flooring quote on all sales and installations of our flooring products in the Phoenix Glendale AZ and surrounding communities. More than forty years ago, when my father, Charles Brown, began our Carpet and Flooring Store he decided that we would never charge someone for this service. I believe Brandi Carpet was the first carpet and flooring store in the Phoenix Glendale area to not charge a fee for giving a quote.

My Father had a thought on charging for a quote; It’s a gimmick. If someone pays for a quote they often feel like they might as well buy from that Company. After all the customer has just given the business money.. seems like it would be throwing away money if you went ahead and bought from someone else. Also most people don’t want to have to pay for multiple quotes, they have to reason that if they get several quotes that’s a good portion of the cost of their flooring.

Often people are surprised that most Flooring Companies actually charge a fee for supplying a quote. And those same people are even more surprised later on when they discover that Brandi Carpet and Flooring has never charged a fee for any flooring quote.

Whenever a Flooring Store imposes a fee for a quote – you, the customer, can be certain that before your carpet or other flooring is installed you will be faced with a ” HARD Up-sell.” Companies assume that since you’ve already paid for a service that should have been free, you may very well pay for additional products that you neither need and really don’t want. Brandi Carpet will never try to up-sell you. Our professional staff will present you with options but, since 1971 we have never engaged in high pressure sales tactics. It is our desire that you always receive only what you need and especially only what you want.

Our business philosophy is a simple one. Always provide the best possible service, provide the highest quality products, use only our own experienced professional flooring installation experts, and do our level best at all times to make certain that you are more than satisfied with your new floor covering. If we do this, and we do it well, then you’ll return to us whenever you need additional flooring services. And you will, as have our many other satisfied customers have done and continue to do, year after year.

My Father established Brandi Carpet and Flooring with those values in mind. They work, I will never change them.

Carpet And Flooring Installation Phoenix Glendale AZ

Our expert staff is comprised of seasoned flooring professionals with extensive knowledge of all the various products we handle, and the procedures for installing our flooring properly, the first time. Our installers work for Brandi Carpet, they are not day laborers who might be laying your carpet or installing your flooring one day and working some construction job the very next day! Many of our flooring installation professionals have been with us since the 1980’s, ensuring that they have years of experience in every aspect of flooring. From the smallest residential carpet installation job to any large commercial tile or hardwood flooring installation. New flooring or remodeling.

Usually people believe that when they buy carpet or other flooring from the biggest big box brand name carpet and flooring stores that those companies have their own installers. Most often they don’t. And should anything go wrong with your flooring when you call to complain, you will be bounced back and forth between the Carpet and Flooring Store and the installers they sent. And each may very well blame the other for whatever problem you have. Leaving you frustrated and not solving your problem. At Brandi Carpet this never happens. My name is Chris Brown. I own Brandi Carpet and I stand behind each sale and every flooring installation we do. Contact us today. More than likely I will be the person you first speak to.

Brandi Carpet and Flooring is Family Owned and Operated.