Dustless Tile Removal

Dustless Demolition and Disposal of Existing Tile

Traditional tile demolition methods are very labor-intensive, time-consuming, and dirty. Brandi Carpets’ Dustless Tile Demolition Removal System cuts the time in half (or more) and virtually eliminates the dust from broken tiles and ground up thin-set. Benefits of Dustless tile demolition removal:
  • Nearly 98% Dust Free:
  • Brandi Carpets’ dustless tile removal system captures and removes most of the particulate matter from your demolition area. Our dust controlled demolition system prevents nearly all fine particulates from becoming airborne pollutants; either indoors or outdoors.
  • Traditional methods of tile removal are proven to create a hazardous indoor environment by coating the inside of rooms and air vents  with extremely layers of thick dust. This dust will penetrate every area of the home or office from ceiling to floor. These particles then continually become released into the air by every day activity such as walking over the floor or even when the cooling or heating is engaged.
  • This dust pollution left behind from traditional tile removal methods may contain materials that cause health problems such as silicosis and/or exacerbate numerous other medical conditions through being continually inhaled.
  • In addition to potential health problems the dust created from traditional tile demolition methods will, without a doubt, penetrate every exposed area including appliances, computer systems, and entertainment systems. The collection of added fine matter to any electrical device could dramatically decrease its usability and shorten its lifespan.
  • Fast And Reliable:
  • Brandi Carpets’ dustless tile removal system is fast and reliable. Not only do we demo tile much cleaner than our competitors we can demo all hard surface floors much faster than our competition. Brandi Carpet has decades of experience with both flooring installation and demolition. Experience does matter. Because we are experts with installation we have the knowledge as to how a floor must be prepared in order for proper material adhesion. This means that when we do a hard surface demo we know what the floors need to look like after we’re done. This saves preparation time for whatever flooring products are to be installed next.