Laminate as your new flooring

When you are contemplating a new flooring installation there are a number of issues to take into consideration. In any area of the home especially in highly trafficked areas, laminate is a very viable flooring option.

Barn Wood Laminate Flooring

Barn Wood Laminate Flooring

This is true for several reasons, including but not limited to:
•    Laminates are extremely durable.
•    The options of styles you can choose from are virtually endless.
•    Laminate floors do look like the hardwoods or stone that they were created to be like.
•    Laminate flooring maintenance is a breeze.

Laminate Flooring is also relatively quick to install.

One aspect of this is the fact that with its “click-and-snap” system it provides a glueless alternative for New Flooring.  In fact, it uses neither nails or screws either.  Combine that with the fact that this form of Flooring Installation can take place on virtually any dry, level surface and you can pretty much say good-bye to worrying about suitable sub-flooring.

To better understand all of the positive aspects of Laminate as New Flooring, it helps to know about how it is made/constructed.

As the name indicates, “Laminate” is composed of several layers.  For the most part, these “layers” are:

Maple laminate floor

Maple laminate flooring

•    Wear Layer
•    Decorative Paper
•    High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
•    Floor Backing

Together, these all serve to provide a product that looks good, lasts long, and cleans easily!

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