What is Mohawk Smart Strand carpet?

What is Mohawk Smart Strand Carpet? Smart Strand carpet is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that will never wear or wash off for the life of the carpet. Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix AZ
• Lifetime stain and soil resistance that’s built in, not sprayed on.
• Protection that will never wear or wash off like some other carpets.
• Easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent.
• It’s made in part from natural renewable resources.

Mohawk Carpet Phoenix AZ

Smart Strand carpets resist all kinds of stains including hot coffee, red wine, mustard, soy sauce and red food coloring, even pet urine won’t stain Smart Strand carpets. With the permanent stain protection built right in directly to the fibers during the manufacturing process you can rest assured your carpet will resist almost anything you can spill on it for years to come.
SmartStrand carpet fiber is made from a renewable sourced polymer and is made in part with naturally occurring sugars from readily available and renewable crops. Smart Strand’s key fiber ingredient is Bio-PDO, produced from corn sugar. By utilizing this central ingredient, 37% of Smart Strand can be made from renewable resources instead of the more limited petrol-based ingredients that are used in most other nylon carpets. Production of just seven square yards of SmartStrand carpets saves enough energy to equal 1 gallon of gasoline.
In recent third-party testing, Smart Strand carpet fibers resisted regular household stains up to 50% more than leading nylon carpets. Tests performed using the identical methods to clean found Smart Strand carpets got up to 42% cleaner, leaving virtually no dirt and clearly reducing maintenance time. Homeowners agree with testers: more SmartStrand owners rated their carpets as dirt-resistant and easier to clean than other types of carpets.

Every Mohawk Smart Strand carpet with DuPont Sorona comes with industry-leading warranties, including:
• Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty
• Lifetime Soil Resistance Warranty
• Lifetime Pet Urine Warranty
• Lifetime Anti-Static Warranty
• 25-Year Fade Resistance Warranty
• 25-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
• 25-Year Texture Retention Warranty
• 25-Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty
• Non-Prorated, Includes Labor, Transferable

The Mohawk SmartStrand Warranty Reads In Part

Smart Strand Carpet

Smart Strand Carpet

Mohawk warrants that the surface pile of this carpet will resist stains from all domestic pets including vomit, urine or feces, for the life of the carpet from the original date of installation. If above-mentioned stains are saturated and result in wicking, these stains will release with additional recleaning for the life of the carpet from the original date of installation. (Wicking is defned as a reappearance of previously cleaned stains due to liquid remaining in carpet backing or padding.) If permanent staining should occur that cannot be removed using recommended methods by a certified carpet-care professional, Mohawk will handle such claims as stated in the “Mohawk’s Limited Liability” section of the Mohawk Warranty Guide.

Mohawk Carpeting

For your home or office Mohawk Carpeting has withstood the test of time, not to mention the test of children, pets, and every sort of spill imaginable. For all your interior and exterior carpet needs look to Mohawk Carpet for a time tested floor covering. In addition to SmartStrand Carpet, also produce blends of Mohawk carpet consisting of natural materials and man made fibers. You may desire to look here for all your top quality carpet flooring needs.