The look of real weathered flooring for your home can now be found in tile. One of the more unique, and exciting, innovations where flooring installation is concerned is the use of tile to give the look of wood.
The “trend” began when flooring experts decided they wanted to take a modern take on hardwood floors.  It wasn’t long however, before this new flooring type took on all kinds of variations on the theme, including:

•    Long Narrow Planks
•    Different Colors
•    Different Patinas
•    Different Finishes

Weathered flooring tile is remarkable because of the fact that the finishes that tile can achieve ranges from a “normal” walnut floor to a floor that looks like it was made from the well-weathered planks of a fishing boat found on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France.
“When you are choosing floor covering you need to do a sincere evaluation of how you and your family really live.  If you have children, but also want your floors to exude elegance, tile is a wonderful option.
The reasons this is true includes:

•    Tile is durable
•    It cleans easily
•    Now – – it can look like something it isn’t!

There are several reasons that “wood looking” tile is advantageous to actually using wood when you want WEATHERED FLOORING AS NEW FLOORING:
•    You can get the “reclaimed wood” look without having to find the a hundred year old barn to provide you with the perfect planks.
•    You can readily have a “mixed wood” look, which with real wood is virtually impossible, or at the very least cost-prohibitive.
•    It instantly provides the “well aged” look.
•    You can get “dimensions” that are often difficult to find with actual wood.

New tile with the look of a weathered floor is something you may very well want to give serious thought to if, in fact, you want something very special in your home.  To learn more about this you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or and he and his staff will provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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