There is, perhaps, nothing more satisfying and rewarding to a homeowner than to bask in the joy of having a newly installed Carpet.  And there is, perhaps, nothing that will “shadow” that glow quicker than a spilled cup of coffee or tea.  That’s why every homeowner needs to be aware of TEA AND COFFEE STAINS AND YOUR NEW CARPET.

Stains are always a problem and with this nation’s love for coffee and tea, TEA AND COFFEE STAINS AND YOUR NEW CARPET are something you will really want to be aware of.

As can be expected, the ideal situation is to act quickly once a spill takes place.  You will want to blot up as much of the tea or coffee as can with a clean, white cloth.
What people sometimes overlook, or don’t realize is that if you use a cloth of any other color you run the risk that the dye in the cloth will ‘run,’ thus making the stain an even greater problem.
After dabbing the spot as dry as possible, you may want to apply a mixture of white vinegar and water to the area.  BEWARE!!!!, however, for you will not want to use the same cleaning “agent” for a beige carpet as you will a white one.

As well as white vinegar, there are a couple of other “household” items that you might find useful, including beer and baby wipes.  Interestingly enough, baby wipes will absorb both the liquid and the stain!

The more difficult challenge, of course, is dealing with dried Carpet Stains.  When this is the case, you will probably want to dab the area with a mixture of hot water and baking soda.  Working carefully, proceed until you do, in fact, remove the stain.
“When it comes to removing stains,” Brown explained, ‘there does come a point of diminishing returns as the carpet reaches a point that it may just plain may need to be replaced to allow your home’s floors to be up to your level of acceptability.”

TEA AND COFFEE STAINS AND YOUR NEW CARPET is an issue that you may want to research in greater detail.   If that is the case, you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or info@brandicarpet.com.  He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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