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The Most Widely Used Natural Stones For Tile Flooring Are:

Marble tile is quite valued for its strength and beauty. It is a natural stone widely used for commercial and residential flooring. It is well suited for flooring and all other interior and exterior applications. Marble tile is somewhat porous and it is not highly recommended for kitchen flooring installations.
Travertine tile is a softer, rather porous stone with a natural surface that has pitting or divots. This natural stone will have numerous visible holes allowing for an interesting look and texture. It is widely available in colors ranging from golden brown to ivory. A polished surface can be achieved after filling the surface voids with matching colors of portland cement, colored epoxy, or polyester resins or left unfilled for a more natural rustic appearance. Special care and surface sealing is required to maintain this natural stone tile material.
Granite tile is rock that is dense and hard, very durable. Natural granite tile once polished is nearly indestructible and is quite resistant to scratching. It is an excellent choice for flooring especially in kitchens and other high-traffic areas of the home or office.Granite tile is very suitable for either exterior or interior floor applications.
A classic. Slate is very rustic and like Granite is highly recommended for either indoor or outdoor flooring. Slate is most often comes in dark grays, reddish earth tones, and medium shades of green. Slate is an excellent choice for kitchen and high-traffic area flooring.


New tile in Phoenix

There are a number of advantages to using Natural Stone for Flooring for New tile in Phoenix:

• Each “piece” of stone is unique, thus making every floor a one of a kind creation.
• Stone is a natural, Eco-friendly, non-polluting material.
If you are currently trying to decide between STONE OR NEW TILE IN PHOENIX, you will want to know a few things about Stone Flooring:

travertine tile in kitchen

travertine tile in kitchen

Absorption Rating
Basically, there are four “Levels:”
• Non-Vitreous – Highly Absorbent, not conducive to damp environments.
• Semi-Vitreous – If exposed to moisture will require major maintenance.
• Vitreous – Has a Standard Absorption Level, this is appropriate for most low to mid traffic applications.
• Impervious – Easiest to maintain and is recommended for high traffic applications.

• Grade 1 – High quality, uniform materials.
• Grade 2 – Possesses irregular surfaces, scratches and/or chips.
• Grade 3 – Major flaws – – typically only appropriate as accent pieces.

Coefficient of Friction
– More “traction” comes with higher Coefficients. A .6 “dryness coefficient” As is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Cost Factors Of Stone Flooring
The cost factor is something that is a real consideration when choosing stone floors. There are some things that you can do that won’t eliminate stone from your plans all together, but that will keep its use within your budget parameters.

These include:

• Use in a small area, like an entryway.
• Use for a hearth in front of a fireplace.
• Use as a border around a wooden floor.

travertine stone block

travertine stone block

When it comes to STONE OR NEW TILE IN PHOENIX you may discover that you will want to research it in greater detail, especially if you are contemplating installing new flooring. If that is the case, contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this topic!!