Rising wood prices open doors for laminate flooring sales

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Rising wood prices open doors for laminate flooring sales. I was reading a good article on laminate flooring and how it is trending more these days than natural hardwood products, as hardwood prices are on the rise it is opening the door for more wood laminate flooring sales. Here is part of the article and click the link below to read the entire story.

” After 19 years of being confined primarily to the residential remodel market, laminate flooring sales are getting a major boost from the builder and commercial markets due to rising wood costs, said industry insiders.

“There’s not a builder presentation that I go to now that laminate flooring isn’t automatically built into the conversation,” said Dan Natkin, director of Mannington’s wood and laminate business. “Builder is the mostly rapidly expanding market for laminate in the U.S. right now. We are seeing a huge surge in builder specifications for laminate flooring.”

Fueling laminate’s market expansion is the recent climb in wood prices due to increased demand. Prices have increased nearly 20 percent over the last six months.

“Industries around the world are drawing on U.S. wood and the prices keep going up. It’s getting hard to keep up with demand for wood floors and there are only more houses on the way. This is an incredible opportunity for laminate flooring,” said Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO, Haines.

Laminate’s expansion within the builder market is not limited to tract housing having penetrated the custom-built, upscale home market as well, according to dealers.”

Tile Sales and Installations 

Also with rising prices of wood flooring, tile sales and installations are on the rise in the Phoenix and Glendale AZ areas. Ceramic tile has always been an extremely popular flooring choice for both homeowners and commercial installations. Because ceramic tile is available in a large variety of sizes and styles that feature rich colors and textures that will complement any residential or commercial office interior or exterior decor. Ceramic tile flooring may have the stylish looks of today’s Modern Contemporary, to the classic styling of Italian, Spanish all at an affordable price range. Using modern innovative techniques, ceramic tiles even match the look of natural stone or real wood tile. This fact always gives those who may be looking at a hardwood floor another option to choose from. The classic look of wood flooring is no longer limited to real natural hardwoods! Our fine range of premium ceramic flooring products can enrich the look of any installation from the usual everyday floor into a lively and enduring contemporary or classic style. The high quality and extreme durability of ceramic tiles will last a lifetime on your floors. The durability of ceramic tile flooring will rival even the longest lasting hardwood flooring available and at a fraction of the cost.

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