Homeowners, and Business Professionals in the Glendale Phoenix area have to take into consideration that the floor coverings, walls, and ceiling for that matter, are a vital part in creating a comfortable, pleasant, environment. A place that one feels at ease in. This may be especially true for business owners. No longer do stores rely solely on the products they sell or even the product displays. Today the entire environment must be taken into consideration in order to be successful in business. And your sales environment may very well begin at your floor! Business owners will need to think about their customers, employees or both depending on the type of commercial operation they may have. So let’s just for a moment think red! And particularly a red berber carpet. Our current discounts on berber carpet are well worth looking into by the way.

Berber carpeting is being installed more and more in commercial shops today due to the fact that it is a long wearing floor covering due in large part to it’s tightly woven construction. Business owners appreciate the fact that once you’ve installed a berber carpet over your floor it will look great for many many years to come. Plus these carpets do look great on any floor, in the office, the sales floor, the boardroom, even down the most well traveled hallway, berber looks good and wears better than it looks! So that’s why we’re thinking berber but, why red?

Give Your People The Red Carpet Treatment

If you will, consider Red Carpet the next time you are in need of new carpet installation in the Phoenix Glendale AZ area, it is important perhaps to bring to mind the fact that the color red creates more than a small sense of natural excitement and enthusiasm. What could be more perfect for the sales floor than a new vibrant red carpet?

The floor actually is the very first thing one sees when entering into a building. We may think it’s something more eye level but it’s not. It’s the floor. We just don’t automatically register this as being seen. We naturally observe the floor so as to know if it is a safe place to proceed into. We just do it, rather subliminally. Why not start off your customers journey into your shop with that immediate sense of unknown exhilaration? A new red berber carpet may be just the thing to do.

Certainly there is more to be considered when purchasing new carpet than simply the color.  As we’ve stated berber is an ideal carpet for any commercial floor.  Most often business owners will choose a more neutral color for their new floor covering but, Burgundy Red is also an excellent choice for any new berber carpet. If a more moderate choice of color for your flooring is more suitable for your needs please understand that we carry a full line of all major carpet and hard surface flooring products. We have more than you’re looking for in carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, wood and more.

There are “Pros” and “Cons” to consider when you are trying to decide whether or not to install Berber Carpeting for your New Flooring.  These include:

Red Carpet Treatment

Red Carpet Treatment

•    Strong – High Durability
•    Extreme Versatility
•    Highly Resistant To Stains
•    Very Economical

Cons.. well I can’t think of any actually. Not for a business concern. In the home you might have some problem with pets. Cats actually. Cats like to sharpen their claws on berber rugs.


Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet


Red Berber Carpet is something you may very well want to give serious thought to when you are considering NEW CARPET.  To learn more about this you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or and he and his staff will provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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