When you are shopping for new carpet flooring, you should make sure you are well informed regarding REBOND PADDING to lay under and support your carpet.

Carpet padding

Carpet padding

There are several things that make Rebond Padding so special.  First of all, it is considered very “green” in nature as it is produced from scraps of “high density foams” that are “bonded” together.  The combination of these foams is what leads to its durability and comfort level.

As the top carpet padding used in residential areas, Rebond Padding accounts for nearly eighty percent of the padding that is sold and installed under all carpets in the U.S.

The reason you will want to consider REBOND PADDING AND YOUR NEW CARPET when you are contemplating Carpet Installation is, of course, because of its advantages, which include:

carpet pad

carpet pad

•    Rebond padding comes in a variety of densities and thickness.
•    Combines the benefits of all the foam pads it is constructed from.
•    The “fusion” process utilized results in increased durability.
•    Serves as an additional sound dampener and insulator.
•    Rebond padding actually increases your carpet’s lifespan.

Rebond Padding is a pretty special product.  When you are researching REBOND PADDING AND YOUR NEW CARPET you may have to make the decision of whether or not to get a Rebond Pad with a moisture barrier.  While on the surface that appears to be a great idea, made sure you have all the facts before you make your decision.

One of the main “facts” is that a “spill”  will often times will spread between the carpet and pad, thus adversely affecting a larger area of your carpet, and your carpet backing.

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