The Rare and Unusual in Glendale Flooring

The Rare and Unusual in Glendale Flooring and The Future of Carpet. If you are going to buy carpet in Glendale, AZ, especially commercial carpet, you might want to think about some “cutting edge” trends that are taking place around the country and around the world. And, to see some of them “up close and personal,” you need go no further than Sky Harbor Airport!

Making the choice regarding flooring can be a monumental task and the larger the area needing flooring, the greater the task.
That’s why Sky Harbor is such a good example of why “unique carpet” in public areas should be paramount in the mind of Glendale Arizona carpet dealers. You see, contrary to what may be popular belief, there are no areas too large for carpet. Sky Harbor, for example, has 10.5 acres of carpet!

Airplane patterned carpet

Sky Harbor

Because of the care that it obviously needs, you might think that the effort wouldn’t offset the benefits. But what was decided was with luggage, carts, wheel chairs, announcements and thousand of feet slapping the floor at any given time, carpeting is a wonderful way to absorb some of the sound.

There are other airports where carpeting is a very important part of the décor. In fact, in Portland, Oregon it has actually become iconic! Famed Historic American Folk Artist Nancy Wilson created a collage that is 16-foot by 11-foot called “CARPET DIEM” from pieces of the carpet that is displayed at the airport.

What we, and probably other Carpet Companies in Glendale, AZ are learning is that the ‘rare and unusual is starting to take the turn to functional and not just ornamental. The developers realize that when people walk they are more apt to look down than look up, so ‘carpet imbedded messages’ would be more likely to catch their attention quickly than the same messages displayed on walls.

Light Emitting Carpets

Light Emitting Carpets

If you are contemplating a flooring installation in Glendale, AZ you may want to give Rare and Unusual Flooring a deeper look. To get the best possible price and customer service for all types of flooring available for your Flooring in Glendale AZ, contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931. He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding the best flooring solutions for your project!!

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