Preserving Laminate Flooring


Today’s laminate floor designs come in a wide range of styles from hardwood plank designs, to natural stone and slate, ceramic tile, metal, even leather or brick.
Preservation and care of your new  laminate flooring is actually quick and easy. Since laminate flooring is exceptionally durable, following proper floor care and maintenance precautions for your new laminate floor covering you will be provided with years of beauty and service from your new flooring.


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As a durable, long lasting flooring solution that is easy to care for, even if you scratch your laminate flooring we can provide specially designed pencils or filling sticks to conceal damage. Although laminate is not the best choice for flooring installations below grade, (ground level) or in your bathrooms, any other room in your house, particularly high traffic areas, would greatly benefit from the beautiful look and amazing long lasting durability of laminate.
First consider using protective pads under heavy furniture for an extra layer of protection on your laminate floors, this will help to prevent any accidental scratching.
Place floor mats or area rugs at entrances and exits. These will collect and trap substances that can be tracked in, like dirt, sand, oil, and grit. Placing floor mats or area rugs in high-traffic areas is an effective way to reduce excessive wear on your new floor whatever the floor is made of.
On a regular basis Use a dry dust mop, (try not to regularly use a straw broom) or a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush. Never use a vacuum with a hard beater bar. The best use of a vacuum is straight suction.
Laminate floors are easy to keep looking just like new with a slightly damp mop and warm water. No waxing or other treatment is necessary.
Your laminate flooring does not require harsh chemicals for cleanup. Should you have some excessive grime or dirt to clean up all manufacturers have specific products they recommend for their products. Cleaning agents for today’s laminate floors have been formulated and should be used for the cleaning process. Usually these are not applied directly to your flooring but, to a soft cloth or mop and then to the Laminate Surface. These can be acquired either from Brandi Carpet and Flooring or in some cases, even from a supermarket. To ensure that using a “generic” type of cleaner will not void your warranty, be sure to check in advance of using such a product.Avoid using excessive amounts of any liquid on your laminate flooring. You’ll end up with a streaked looking floor or worse over time. Water and other liquids can actually seep in between the laminate boards and cause swelling damaging the laminate.
You don’t need a great amount of water or cleaning liquids to clean these floors. Be cautious about having too much. Try spraying only as much as you need one section of flooring at a time as you damp mop. If a lot of water or liquid is left behind after you mop a spot, you’re probably using too much liquid. The floor should be able to dry on its own within only a few minutes of you mopping it.


Typical laminate construction

Laminate floor care and maintenance is important for preserving the beauty of your new floors. Like any flooring, laminate floors will show signs of wear over time. Yet, by observing a few precautions, and using the floor maintenance program recommended by the manufacturer, you can expect to receive many added years of beauty from your new laminate floor.

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