Whether you consider yourself particularly “green” or not, the fact that we have billions of plastic bottles to dispose of yearly is something we are all aware of and, to some extent, concerned about.  With that thought in mind, you may want to seriously consider polyester as your new ‘Green’ Flooring Solution.

Polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers, much more so than Nylon. Polyester offers softness and wonderful color clarity. Polyester is also naturally stain and fade resistant. Although polyester is not as inherently strong and durable as nylon, carpets made of polyester fiber still perform very well. Polyester carpeting styles are good choices for low to medium traffic areas such as bedrooms.

Polyester carpet

Polyester carpet

Invented in 1941, thanks to the efforts of two British Chemists (John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson) who had followed up on the work of Dupont Chemist Wallace Carothers,  as well as being “eco-friendly” Polyester has several other advantages, including but not limited to:

•    High-luster Appearance
•    Stain Resistance
•    Available in “rich” colors
•    Economically Produced
•    Good for Allergy Sufferers
•    Sheds Moisture
•    Won’t Shrink
•    Resists Moths and Mildew

At one time, Polyester had somewhat of a bad reputation, but in recent years it has been improved immensely, making  Polyester a legitimate consideration for your new carpet. Polyester is a very economical fiber. It’s good for allergy sufferers. It sheds moisture and resists moths and mildew. It won’t shrink.

To make Polyester, discarded water and soda bottles are collected and delivered to the recycling plant.  There they are sorted into groups of clear and colored plastic. Labels and caps are removed and the bottles are sanitized. Next, the bottles are shredded, melted and made into small pellets that are the ideal medium to produce high-quality fiber. These pellets are then extruded into eco-friendly carpet fiber polyester and woven into the carpet flooring that people have come to love.

It is estimated that some 1.6 billion bottles slated for landfills make their way to the recycling plants to be made into Polyester Carpeting.  As well as this direct form of ‘being green,’ this process also requires far less petroleum and energy resources for manufacturing.

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