Flooring can easily be divided into two categories: Soft flooring as in carpet or hard surface flooring from ceramic and stone tile to wood and laminate flooring. Your flooring needs will be dependent on what your floors currently have over them and if you’re keeping the property or planning to sell. When preparing your home for sale and considering new carpet services in Phoenix you may want to view some of the carpet discounts we have available. Or if you’re planning to sell and you think you don’t want to purchase new carpet think about this:

I recently overheard the following conversation between a husband and wife: Her: Do you think we should replace the carpet? Him: Why? We’re selling the house, let the new owners worry about it. At first glance, that might seem more than reasonable. However, there are a number of things you should consider regarding PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE AND PHOENIX CARPETING SERVICES.

If you understand the history of Carpet’s popularity in this country you might understand that there really is a direct relationship between PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE AND PHOENIX CARPETING SERVICES.

Carpet for homes became popular in this country when someone figured out that they could get the government to pay for it. As you may know, there was a housing shortage when “the boys” came home from WW II, and it was discovered that homes could have newly installed carpeting as it was possible to roll the cost into the government-insured VA loans.

You will find that virtually any realtor will tell you the importance of ensuring that the carpet within the home is something that will meet prospective buyers expectations. And most of those realtors will tell you that Carpet Replacement is far better than a Carpeting Allowance.

This is true for several reasons:

  •  Buyers will often expect a much higher allowance than what the actual cost of replacement will be.
  •  Quality looking carpet reflects how well your home is being taken care of. Offering an allowance – not so much.
  • Moving everything out of a room to install new Carpet is an excellent way to promote “de-cluttering” of a room!

    polyester carpet

    new carpet

It is important to remember that your Carpet’s sub-floor will determine how, exactly, you need to proceed with your re-carpeting program.
This is truly an important aspect of PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE AND PHOENIX CARPETING SERVICES. For example, if you have hardwood floors you should check with your realtor and see what the preference for flooring seems to be in the area where you live is. If your sub-floor is plywood, you might want to replace the Carpet with a light tan or other neutral Carpet as that seems to be the best bet for home resale.

I would really suggest that if you own pets you even more seriously consider Carpet Replacement.
The main reason this is true is for the simple reason that pet owners often become accustomed to – – and not even notice – – odors and stains on their Carpet. You can bet your sweet bippy (You do remember ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN, right?) that prospective buyers who visit your home will notice them!

When it comes to PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE AND PHOENIX CARPETING SERVICES you should gather as much information as possible in advance of putting your home up for sale, and that is why you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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