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The Best Carpet Store also how many of these other flooring shops can elaborate on the advantages to the consumer when choosing Carpet over other Flooring Installation in Phoenix.

Shaw carpet

Shaw carpet

To help understand these advantages, one first has to know what they are. These advantages include:
• Provide a non-slip surface to reduce the chance of accidents.
• If there is a fall, they help to provide a cushion.
• They provide “quietness” by minimizing surface noise and blocking sound being transferred from one floor to another.
• They can add luxury to a room.
• They can add comfort to a room, like “Shag” in a bedroom, which feels superbly comfortable under your feet.
• In bathrooms and kitchens, carpets cut down on “slipping and sliding,” making them safer.

From an aesthetic view point carpet adds immensely to a room’s décor as it can tie all the ‘pieces’ together; it can ‘anchor’ the room and even add ‘warmth’ to a room.”
Elaborating on this thought, carpeting can be the basis for the color scheme in a room. Or, if added after the furniture, Carpet can accentuate its colors. In fact, bright colors will tend to “turn up the volume” in a room, or, on the other hand, subtle colors can help “tone down” a room with bright colored walls and furniture.

Carpeting for your residence or office is very appealing to look at, great to walk across, and perhaps best of all very affordable. Wall to wall carpeting most often will be the foundation for your interior decor. Carpeting for the business or the homeowner is often the best option for true comfort and value combined. We provide homeowners and commercial business owners with the highest quality carpeting available at or below discount warehouse prices because we purchase our carpets from Major Carpet Flooring Manufactures. Brandi Carpet has been providing the Greater Phoenix Area with top carpeting solutions for over 40 years. We also can make choosing a carpet even easier by bringing our quality carpeting showroom directly to your home or office.


Carpet Types

Carpet today is manufactured in several ways, and from a number of different types of fibers. Understanding the strengths and difference of each carpet type will help you make the right decisions concerning your carpet purchase.

Cut Pile Carpet: Is one of today’s most popular carpeting constructions. Cut pile achieves its durability through the type of fiber used, the density of tufts and the amount of twist to the yarn. Highly twisted yarn will maintain the shape longer, making it more resilient and making it a good choice for any area that receives a high amount of foot traffic.

Textured Plush Carpets: These carpets provide ‘textured surfaces’ that will help hide footprints and vacuum marks. We call these carpets the preferred style for busy households. These can be wonderful floor coverings for the entire home.

Saxony Carpets: This floor covering offers a well refined surface. Will work quite well with all traditional or modern interiors. We find it an ideal carpet selection for living rooms and dining rooms.

Frieze Carpeting: This forms a rather “curly” textured surface due to the yarn being formed by extreme twisting. Frieze carpets have a naturally informal look to them. And the surface helps minimize traffic marks such as footprints and vacuum marks.

Velvet or Plush Carpet: This type of carpet has a very dense and luxurious feel to it. Footprints and vacuum marks do readily appear. Velvet carpets may work best in areas that receive low traffic.

Loop Pile Carpet: Here carpet loops are all of the same height, creating a somewhat informal look. Loop pile carpeting in general will last a long time in the home, even in high traffic areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles that are produced are level loop carpets with flecks of a darker color over a lighter colored background.
Multi-level Loop Pile Carpeting: This style most often is produced with two to three different loop heights within the carpet to create patterned effects, providing for good overall durability and a decidedly more casual look.
Cut and Loop Pile Carpets: This carpet style combines both cut and looped yarns. These carpets provide a wide variety of surface textures and sculptured effects of squares, swirls, even chevrons. The textured effects of these carpets allow them to hide soil and stains very well.

Carpet Fibers

To obtain the most enjoyment and best performance out of your new carpet it is wise to chose a carpet fiber that best fits your needs. The majority of carpeting produced in our Country contains one or more of five primary pile fibers: nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), triexta and/or wool. Synthetic fibers represent the vast majority of the fiber used to manufacture carpet. Each fiber type offers different attributes of durability, abrasion resistance, texture retention, soil and stain resistance, colorfastness, ease of cleaning and also color clarity. Brandi Carpet’s flooring experts will be pleased to help you choose what carpet fiber is best for your needs.

When it comes to NEW CARPET AND PHOENIX CARPET SERVICES you may discover that you will want to research it in greater detail, especially if you are contemplating upgrading your flooring. If that is the case, contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this topic!!

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