Paint spots on new carpet? A couple of decades ago, (Boy, do I hate to admit THAT!!!) my daughter, who was enthralled by space, asked that we paint a mural on her wall.  I hired a young art student to come buy and he created a masterpiece, complete with a space shuttle and a red planet that would have made Mars jealous!  It truly was beyond compare!  My brother, however, had a less than stellar experience when his daughter decided to do a mural on her wall – – – a good amount of the paint ended up on the floor – – which, of course, was covered by carpet.  That’s why all of us, but especially those with children in the household, need to be aware of PAINT SPOTS ON NEW CARPET.


painted kid and carpet

“Even when we take the necessary precautions before painting a carpeted room,” Chris Brown, second-generation owner of BRANDI CARPET in Phoenix, Arizona, shared, “we oft times find ourselves victim to what Scottish poet Robert Burns referred to as, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men.’  That’s why,” he continued, “that it is a good idea to know what to do should your carpet become ‘speckled’ unexpectedly.”

In most instances, today we paint our homes with a latex-based paint, which is a good thing when it comes to PAINT SPOTS ON NEW CARPET.  One of the “up” points to this fact is that, compared to oil-based, it is much easier to remove from carpet.  If you do, in fact, need to remove paint from your carpet, you may want to follow the following suggestions as a basic format for paint removal:

•    Using a dry washcloth or sponge, remove as much of the paint as possible.
•    Wash out your implement, and then immerse it in cold water.
•    Blot up more of the paint, being sure to BLOT ONLY, to ensure the “spot” doesn’t spread.
•    Repeat 2 and 3 ‘til no more paint can be removed.

“If you do have the misfortune of having an oil-based paint spill on your carpet,” Brown offered, “do know that water is, basically, ineffective.”

paint spots on new carpet

paint on carpet

To contend with a dried, oil-base paint stain you may want to:

•    Saturate the area with WD-40; Oops!; or Goo Gone.
•    Wait twenty minutes for the remover to work.
•    Scrub the area with a soft brush.
•    After accomplishing the above, clean the carpet with a mild soap detergent and water.”

“Remember,” Brown advised, “this is very general advice.  Before attempting any paint removal you should confer with both your carpet manufacturer and directions on the can of paint you were using.”

As you can see, PAINT SPOTS ON NEW CARPET is something you may very well want to give serious thought to the next time you have a painting accident.  To learn more about this issue you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or and he and his staff will provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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