Paint drips and your Glendale Carpet

Sometimes any liquid over your carpet suddenly becomes a spill. Let’s discuss paint drips and your Glendale AZ carpet. Because of it’s consistency paint is by far one of the most difficult of all liquids to remove totally from a carpet. With that said one of the most important things you first can do when paint drips on your carpet is not to panic. The sooner you can attend to a paint drip the better off you are.

If you do find that you have wet paint on your carpet you will want to use a spatula or anything with a flat edge to lift as much of it as you are able from off the carpet before it soaks in. Then use rags or cloth towels, but not a sponge as this won’t actually capture much of the spill, to soak up as much of the wet paint as possible and as fast as you are able. Please take care not to dab at the carpet, and with all of your intestinal fortitude make sure you do not rub the stain! Rubbing the area will only serve to push the paint into the carpets fabric and it is our intention not to do this! Once you have removed all the paint you can, though it sounds ludicrous, allow the paint to dry. This usually takes at least overnight. When the area on your carpet is completely dry, and I do mean completely dry, continue your cleaning process by very carefully using a razor blade or knife edge to scrape away as much of the paint as you can. Please remember to wear suitable gloves for this step. I like thick heavy leather work gloves whenever I need to do any repair like this. Now, with a bit of patience and working slowly, you will hopefully discover that flakes of the now dry paint will pull up and away from the carpet. If this appears to be working well then slowly continue this process carefully until absolutely no more paint is able to be lifted from off your carpet.

Chemical Paint Removal From Your Carpet

blot paint spot

Blot the paint spot

Caution although we give some advice as to the use of certain chemicals please take note that the material your particular carpet is constructed from may react in an adverse way to any specific treatment. In other words it is up to you to know what your carpets are manufactured from and what chemicals will work on your actual carpet fibers. So at this point there are several options of spot and stain removers that you can try to use to complete the job of removing all traces of paint from your carpet.
These options include:
• Regular Nail Polish Remover
• Oxi-Clean
• WD-40 (yes this may actually work depending on the stain and the carpet)
Warning: Please make certain you test a spot in the back of your closet first to make sure the spot remover does not bleach or fade your carpet in anyway. Sometimes it is best to allow this test area to sit for a few hours before you actually try it on the carpet area that needs to be cleaned. At times chemicals will slowly fade or otherwise discolor carpet fibers. Should this happen to your carpet you’d have gone from a paint stain to a bleach stain. It would be better to use a chemical that will work without harming the appearance of your carpet.

As anyone who provides carpet cleaning services in the Glendale Phoenix AZ area will tell you, most house paint today is latex-based, and chemical spot removers are often formulated to clean up latex house paint.

If you’ve not been able to completely remove all the paint from your carpet flooring you may want to consider carpet repair. Often this is done by taking a matching swath of carpet from an area such as your closet then cutting out the stained area of your carpet and replacing that with the piece from your closet. Someone with experience in carpet repair makes this look quite easy but, typically this is not a do it yourself job. It only looks easy because of the experience. As in all things to due with flooring, experience counts. Again, this is not an area that we recommend you try for yourself. If you do you might go from a stain to a hole in your carpet. Not the best situation to be sure.

One last point. Hopefully you can completely repair your carpet if not we have a number of discounts available on carpet. From patterned berber carpeting to very plush Dream Weaver Carpets complete with carpet padding and the best installation there is in the Glendale Phoenix AZ area. We are here to help with all your flooring needs.

When it comes to PAINT DRIPS ON YOUR GLENDALE CARPET you should gather as much information as possible in advance of your painting project, and that is why you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

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