Moths and your carpet

carpet damage from a moth

Moth Damage


Moths and your Glendale AZ carpet. “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thought of MOTHS!” If you are under the impression that the quote is a little askew you are absolutely right! What Alfred Lord Tennyson actually said in his poem, “Locksley Hall” was, “In the spring a young man’s fancy light turns to thoughts of love.” However, this is the time of year that you need to be concerned about MOTHS AND YOUR GLENDALE CARPET.

Obviously the material your carpets are constructed of will determine if, in fact, moths are something you need to be concerned about. If your carpets are wool, then you really need to be cognizant of at least the possibility of moth infestation.

As carpets are a popular nesting ground, a good way to start when it comes to MOTHS AND YOUR GLENDALE CARPET is by doing a thorough vacuuming, especially around the edges. If you have a severe infestation, you will, of course, want to call a professional to attend to the situation. If you opt to handle the situation yourself, you can proceed by purchasing one of several sprays produced for dealing with this problem. You will want to do a “spot test,” ensuring that it does not adversely affect the carpet color. Following instructions as provided on the label, apply the spray either where you have discovered larvae or in areas that are seldom cleaned – – perhaps along baseboards or behind bookcases.

What is sometimes overlooked is the fact that moths have a propensity for settling around the edges of rugs so they can eat from the backside where it is dark and undisturbed.
If you intend to store your wool carpet, you will want to make sure that you make them as “moth proof” as possible before doing so. Your first step should probably be to take them to be washed thoroughly. The facility you choose to do this will undoubtedly have an “insect repellent” that can be applied to the rug as their final step (one such product is REPEL by MASTERBLEND).

The best way to store rugs is by “rolling,” not “folding.” Wool carpets should never be wrapped in plastic, as without an airflow they can “sweat,” thus creating problems in storage such as mold. Rather, they should be wrapped in paper (such as TYVEK) instead, which will allow them to “breathe.”

When it comes to MOTHS AND YOUR GLENDALE CARPET you should gather as much information as possible to protect them, and that is why you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this issue!!

moth ruined carpet

moth ruined carpet

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