“Mommy, what other colors should I use to paint the rug?” Now there’s a question that will do anything but warm the cockles of your heart! Obviously, when it comes to choosing carpet for a child’s room, Durability is a major concern. It is not, however, the only thing to be factored in when contemplating KIDS AND PHOENIX CARPET INSTALLATION!

painted kid and carpet

painted kid and carpet

There is no doubt about it there are some things unique to the decision when it comes to KIDS AND PHOENIX CARPET INSTALLATION, but a number of the ‘usual’ considerations still matter, too!

Perhaps the easiest way to approach this issue is to discuss those “other things” first, and then consider the “child specific” thoughts. When purchasing carpet, points you will want to keep in mind include, but are not limited to:
• Don’t skimp on Carpet Padding to save a few dollars. Firm, dense padding is best for “high traffic” areas. Less protection, however, may be needed in bedrooms and other areas with little traffic.
• Before you make your “final decision,” have several, perhaps even many, samples brought to your home to select the one that will best fit with the surroundings it will be in.
• While you can purchase carpet from many places, you will probably get the best results when dealing with someone who specializes in carpeting. In line with this, the quality of Carpet Installation is as important as the quality of the Carpet you buy.
• Carpet Color helps determine the mood for the room: Greens and blues lead to a peaceful, calm feeling, for example while earth tones help hide dirt and stains.

With KIDS AND PHOENIX CARPET INSTALLATION, there are additional points to be taken into consideration. In no particular order, these include, but are not limited to:

• Carpet Tile might be a valuable avenue of approach, as the individual tile can be replaced should spills and stains necessitate carpet removal/replacement.
• You might want to give darker shades or patterns special consideration as they help “hide” stains.
• It is probably best to avoid high-end rugs and hard to clean carpets like shag rugs.
• At the very least, make sure your carpet is constructed with non-toxic dyes and has a cotton or latex backing.

Another issue that I find clients addressing more and more often,” Brown added, his voice heavy with understanding and empathy, “is ‘where was the carpet made?’ Especially in the case of carpet for their children’s room, they want to make sure that the carpet was not made in a sweat shop somewhere half around the world where the manufacturer was exploiting the children of a third world country.

When it comes to KIDS AND PHOENIX CARPET INSTALLATION you may discover that you will want to research it in greater detail, especially if you are contemplating installing new carpet in your child’s room. If that is the case, contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or He and his staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the pertinent information you will need regarding this topic!!

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