Importance of reviews for a flooring company

I just wanted to speak about the importance of leaving a company review for services completed on your home or business. We all have busy lives and leaving a review for a flooring company or any other type of service can take away valuable time from the next project on your list. Leaving a review will help a company more than you might think and it really doesn’t take too much time.

Many small mom and pop shops like ours rely on company reviews to help potential customers make a decision and get to know a company from a consumer point of view. Lets use Brandi Carpet as an example, we started out in Phoenix Arizona all the way back in 1971 with my father at the helm, we have been doing flooring sales and installation for many years by word-of-mouth. It wasn’t until 2006 when I took over that online reviews became so important, with our business and the valley growing so fast it is hard to only rely on word-of-mouth referrals only, so we started asking our customers to leave a review either on our site or one of our partner sites to help spread their story to others.

The information that real customers post in a review is the type of information you want to know.  Anyone can say anything about themselves on their website but the only way to really get to know the company and its employees and judge what your experience might be like is to either talk to someone that has had an experience with them or have the ability to read credible reviews left from past customers.

Yes reviews can be faked on some sites so I would definitely make sure the place you are reading reviews is a credible site like Angie’s list, Kudzu, Linkdin or Yelp. Most of the posts on our website come from one of those partner sites but we do still receive some reviews from our form on our flooring site. Take a look at some of the reviews left for our local Glendale Arizona flooring company and try to get in the habit of leaving reviews for people that do work for you, it is a huge source of information to help customers find a reputable company to do business with. Thanks for reading and click the link below to see our reviews.


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