There are two types of hardwood flooring available today. The traditional hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Hardwood, also referred to as Solid Wood Flooring, is manufactured usually in 2.25″ strips or 3″ to 4″ planks, each milled from a single piece of solid wood. This can also be purchased in parquet flooring squares that range from 6″x 6″ to 36″x 36″ and utilize small blocks of wood arranged in geometric patterns. Solid wood is very durable and can be sanded and refinished multiple times over the lifetime of the floor. Wood Flooring often will last the entire lifetime of a home. Pre-finished wood flooring options can offer great value and better resistance to scratches, dents and moisture. Engineered wood has the same look, feel, and beauty of solid wood floors, but with increased stability as to moisture and temperature changes and will generally come with a lower price per square foot. Engineered wood is formed by three to five layers of wood that are glued or laminated together under extremely high pressure in a crisscrossed fashion to improve strength and durability. A top most layer of wood veneer is then added to complete the look of the flooring. This top most layer generally allows the floor to be sanded and refinished one to three times if so desired. Engineered wood flooring is most often sold in strips that measure less than 3″ wide and in planks that measure more than 3″ wide.  Engineered wood flooring, offers the look of solid hardwood for a cost only slightly higher than other flooring options, such as laminate or vinyl flooring.

There are many hardwood flooring options available these days, both in solid hardwoods and engineered wood floors. It may do well for you to also consider the following:

• Today the use of “mixed media” allows hardwood flooring to be incorporated with Tile, Carpet, Stone and even Metal.

Hardwood Plank Flooring

Hardwood Plank Flooring

• Rather than being limited to the traditional “light colored” oak flooring, darker woods like walnut are being employed.
• “Distressed” Flooring’s popularity helps to “hide” the imperfections that can occur over time.
• Patterns have helped to replace the strictly “linear” format of traditional wood floors.

And while carpet installation is extremely popular wood flooring does lend an elegant appeal that few other  flooring materials can match.

Just as you would carefully consider the color of New Carpet, so should you have a broad concept in mind where HARDWOOD AS YOUR NEW FLOORING is concerned. For example, you will want to factor in the color of the furniture in the room, creating either a contrast or carrying on the same color theme.

One issue that is frequently overlooked is the fact that wood has a tendency to shrink or expand, based on temperature and or humidity. This is why if you do choose a solid hardwood floor, you should seek a professional for installation purposes.

Maintenance of wood floors is another strong selling point as it can be cleaned by light sweeping or vacuuming.

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