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Carpet Cleaning in Glendale AZ has just gotten easier even safer for our Carpet and Flooring Customers. Brandi Carpet has teamed up with Polished Cleaners – they offer professional carpet – hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and Maintenance of your new carpet and flooring is required to maintain your manufacturers warranty. All major carpet and flooring manufacturers require that their flooring, either carpet or hard surface floor coverings, be regularly cleaned and maintained by IICRC Certified Professionals.

Polished Cleaners are a Certified Firm with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and hold a Masters Designation for Textile Cleaning. Polished Cleaners is also an approved service provider with Woolsafe and CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). They use the latest equipment and most advanced cleaning solutions in the industry. High Pressure hot water extraction, sometimes refereed to as ” Steam Cleaning. ” Polished Cleaners is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and service experience. Give Polished Carpet and Floor Cleaners a call today for a free quote: 623-825-1234

Brandi Carpet and Flooring highly recommends Polished Cleaners. They are a full service carpet cleaner and hard surface floor cleaning company for both residential and commercial needs in Phoenix AZ area. The Company has over 20 years of experience in caring for the finest flooring and fabrics including carpet, upholstery, area rugs, tile, grout, natural stone, and drapery. Polished Cleaners is a local Arizona family owned and operated carpet and floor cleaner. Chad Brownlow, the owner of Polished Cleaners, stands behind and guarantees every carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service they provide.

Our Carpet and Flooring Store has been in operation in the Glendale Phoenix AZ areas since 1971. We provide carpet and flooring from all major manufacturers. We use only our own installers when we install carpet, tile, laminate, wood, or other hard surface flooring. Brandi Carpet guarantees each and every floor we install, no matter if the floor covering is carpet or a hard surface floor covering. Every job, every time since 1971. Our guarantee is the best in the carpet and flooring industry. My name is Chris Brown, I own Brandi Carpet whenever you call our store I will most likely be the first person you speak to.

Over the years many people have asked me to recommend a good reliable carpet cleaner to them. Because my carpet and flooring customers needs come first I have to be absolutely certain before I make any service recommendations to another company.

Many carpet cleaners in Glendale or Phoenix AZ are locally owned, honest, and reliable. Some floor and carpet cleaning companies have the latest and the highest quality carpet cleaning equipment. Very few carpet cleaners are actually certified experts in their field. Polished Cleaners meets or exceeds every area that I need to make an unqualified recommendation to my own carpet and flooring customers. Polished Carpet and Floor Cleaners: 623-825-1234. Call today for your own free quote.

Carpet Cleaning in Glendale AZ

I understand that it can be stressful and nerve wracking to actually find a qualified and trustworthy carpet cleaning company to bring into your home or business. Polished Cleaners knows that the best service they can deliver is complete customer satisfaction. They call it the “Cheerleader Satisfaction Guarantee” Their guarantee seeks to make every carpet cleaning customer a cheerleader of Polished Cleaners by standing behind their work and commitment to you, their floor cleaning customer. And it works. Just like Brandi Carpet, much of their business is by word of mouth from other customers. Polished Cleaners are also bonded and insured.

If you are interested in having a clean, bright, and healthy indoor environment year-round, look no further than Polished Cleaners’ “Royal Treatment” Program. They offer a maintenance program for about the same cost as a one-time clean. This offers convenience and savings while protecting your flooring investment.

Finally, when you are not only satisfied but, extremely happy with your carpet and floor cleaning experience you can take advantage of their “Referral Program.” This allows you to further benefit from being a customer of Polished Cleaners by telling your friends and family about Polished Cleaners. That is a way for their company to say thank you to their Cheerleader Clients. And since they guarantee their work, you can feel at ease with your referral. Just as I do.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

These are the standard ” Do’s and Don’ts ” of Carpet Cleaning.

  • Do use Certified Carpet Cleaning Professionals. Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC.

All high quality carpet manufacturers require regular cleaning and maintenance be preformed by IICRC professionals.

  • Do use High Pressure Hot Water Extraction.

All high quality carpet manufacturers require regular cleaning and maintenance be preformed by IICRC professionals using the high pressure hot water extraction method. This is at times called, ” Steam Cleaning.”

This method of cleaning your carpet is best. (It not only cleans your carpets but, protects them from undo wear.) The pressurized cleaning solution first is injected into your carpet this loosens all dirt and foreign particles separating them from the fabric of your carpet. Then the liquids and dirt are immediately removed from your carpet by an equally forceful vacuuming process. It is important to use a certified professional because not everyone actually understands how to correctly use this equipment.

For example, the cleaning solution is to cold it will leave more dirt behind on your carpets. When the solution is too hot it may actually damage the fabric or color of your carpeting and/or lessen the effectiveness of any stain guards that your carpet was manufactured with. Or if the pressure of the solution is too low when injected into your carpet it won’t fully clean your carpets. If the pressure is too forceful the cleaning solution will actually be blasted down into your carpet padding and the suction of the extraction process will not be strong enough to actually remove the dirt. Your carpet will at first look clean but, as your carpet dries completely the dirty cleaning solution will come up into the fabric and leave you with a dingy looking carpet. This is known as wicking. This can especially be a problem with stains and spots.

By using the carpet cleaning equipment and solutions in the wrong way the top of the stain is removed but, the bulk of the stain remains below the tips of the fabric. As the carpet begins to dry the stain migrates back upwards to the top of the fabric. Then when the carpet is completely dry the stain(s) are fully visible again. Don’t be fooled because the company has impressive looking equipment. Make certain they actually know how to operate their equipment. Avoid having to call back your carpet cleaner to have them re-do your floors. Have it done correctly the first time. Make sure your carpet cleaner is certified by the IICRC.

The Do NOT”S Of Carpet Cleaning

  • Do Not apply Carpet Powders to your carpet.

These do nothing other than change the smell of your carpet for a short time. And they will actually harm the fabric over time. Even the finest powder will act as an abrasive to your carpet. Your home vacuum does not have enough suction to remove all the powder plus if your carpet is contaminated with any foreign substance that is even the least bit sticky your carpet freshener will stay stuck to the fabric.

This powder becomes like fine grit sandpaper that will slowly but, surely wear and grind into and against the fabric forcing you to replace your carpet much sooner than you should have.

  • Do Not use any Dry Foam Methods when cleaning carpets.

This is your typical carpet shampoo method. A solution is machine worked into your carpet creating a foam. This is then left to dry and the dry foam is sucked from the uppermost areas of your carpet. This method of carpet cleaning will always leave a large residue of dirt and cleaning solution on your carpets. Always.

Think of this, use a foam gel used for shaving, apply it to your skin and hair and allow it to dry. Now try and remove it using any method you can without rinsing with water. Get the point? The solution will always need to be rinsed and removed by high volume suction.

  • Do Not use ” Bonnet cleaning. “

This is very similar to the above method but without the vacuum. A cleaning solution is applied on the carpet then worked by machine with a cotton bonnet into the fabric causing it to foam. These bonnets are removed as they become soiled and replaced by clean bonnet pads. This will clean the very top of your carpet but, never the inner most area of the fabric. And when it dries it will wick all the left over dirty solution back to the top.

  • Do Not use portable machines similar to those seen in local grocery stores.

Simply put they don’t have enough power. These machines can neither inject a cleaning solution into your carpet at a high enough pressure to actually separate the dirt from your carpet nor do they provide enough suction to adequately remove the dirty cleaning solution. This again causes wicking that will make your carpets look dingy. Plus the cleaning solutions offered for these types of machines are of lower quality than cleaning solutions used by professional carpet cleaners.

Give Polished Carpet and Floor Cleaners a call today for a free quote: 623-825-1234. Experience means a lot and Polished Cleaners
have 20 plus years of experience.