Flooring sales and installation in Phoenix AZ

Be sure to take a look at some of our recent flooring installations, we offer installation services and flooring sales in the greater Phoenix AZ area for new carpet, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, as well as new green flooring solutions such as linoleum, cork and bamboo flooring. If you need flooring solutions you’re in luck as we carry hundreds of name brand flooring products from manufacturers like Shaw, Beaulieu and Mohawk. Brandi Carpet has been serving the greater Phoenix area since 1971.

Listed below are the major flooring options available to you through Brandi Carpet and Flooring in the Phoenix AZ Area.

Carpet is the most popular floor covering for both residential and commercial applications. This is due in part to carpet being some of the most versatile of all the flooring options available today. The carpets of our day come in more colors, textures and styles than any other type of flooring and the materials used will last on your floor for decades, and these flooring solutions come with warranties that guarantee the life of your new flooring choice. When choosing carpet for your flooring you will need to consider the quality of the material that best suits the needs for your flooring. One rule of thumb is the density of the fibers used in manufacturing the carpet. The more fibers per square inch equal a more durable the carpet for your floors. Another point to consider is the material that your new carpet is made from. Consumers are often quite surprised that the soft thick carpet flooring that they’re looking at is actually a synthetic man made material.
Nylon Carpet Flooring
Nylon is the most common carpet fiber on the market today. Nylon is exceptionally strong and resistant to wear. In general, nylon fibers used in flooring applications are easy to clean. Nylon carpet hides soil well. One drawback of nylon carpet flooring is that it tends to build up a static charge, which is transferred to a person walking across the carpet. Make sure the carpet you buy is treated to reduce static electricity. Even so, you might want to avoid nylon carpet for your floor in your computer room.
Acrylic Carpet Flooring
Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is often mistaken for natural wool due to the look and feel of the fibers produced. These carpets hold color well, are very resistant to staining and fading from sunlight (important in Arizona), and because acrylic fiber doesn’t build up static charges, like other carpet fibers, this material will serve well in areas that have computers or other electrical devices in them. Acrylic carpets are not recommended for areas that have a great deal of traffic though.
Polyester Carpet Flooring
Polyester floor covering has a soft feel, it is strong, very good with water soluble stains and quite easy to keep clean. Polyester carpets will have the most bright vibrant colors of any carpet fabric and it is good with moderate spills but, any liquids that are not water soluble can be difficult to remove unless a stain guard has been previously applied.
Olefin also named Polypropylene
Carpets made from olefin fibers make up the majority of business-office installations due to it’s being a strong hard wearing long lasting fiber.
Wool Carpet Flooring
Wool is a purely natural product. Soft to the touch and very dense. Wool has a more comfortable feel than other carpet fibers, although Acrylic Carpet Flooring does come close and at a much lower cost. Wool must be maintained properly. Care must also be taken with wool carpet to avoid insect contamination.
Carpet padding helps to greatly extend the life of your carpet flooring. Carpet padding is most usually required per manufacturers warranty. Except with outdoor carpets.
Ceramic tile for flooring is the second most popular floor covering for both residential and commercial applications behind carpet flooring. With tile we can design that special ” One Of A Kind ” floor for your home or business. Costs of ceramic tiles go from about a dollar a foot and up to over one hundred dollars per foot. This makes ceramic tile appealing to all flooring budgets from the family with their first home to the large commercial office building.
Hardwood flooring has long been appreciated for its beauty and long lasting strength. Wood floors today span the spectrum of color from light bleached white wood to dark charcoal and nearly everything in between. We have price ranges on wood flooring that will fit nearly any flooring budget. Wood flooring is a great product that adds tremendous value to any building, either residential or commercial.
Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered wood floors feature a top veneer of real wood backed by layers of a plywood core substrate. This construction makes the flooring more stable and much less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring. And instead of a plywood backing, some newer varieties of engineered wood flooring utilize a finger-core construction, with a substrate comprised of small pieces of milled timber running perpendicular to the lamella which gives it additional stability. Engineered wood flooring can be a good choice for kitchens and basements, as well as for installation over in-floor heating systems. Engineered wood can be nailed, glued or installed as a floating floor over a cushioned pad. Clickable engineered wood flooring comes most often as planks or parquet squares and makes a good ” Do It Yourself  Project “. Prices of engineered wood flooring are comparable to that of a solid wood floor.
Laminate flooring offers a large variety of styling, colors and patterns. It is quite similar to engineered wood flooring in that a top wear layer is backed by layers of plywood or compressed fiber backing that is extremely stable. The biggest difference may be that the top layer is not real wood but a plastic top coating applied over a high resolution image. Laminate flooring comes as planks or tiles. Most are floating floor systems, meaning they can be installed directly over an existing floor without using glue or nails and usually with no tear out necessary.
If you’re looking for a little touch of luxury, stone floor tile provides a high quality flooring solution that will last a lifetime and longer. Stone tiles have been a popular flooring material for literally thousands of years. Stone is readily available in many different compositions such as marble, travertine & granite and is harvested from many different parts of the world, including The United States. Among the many advantages of stone flooring is one very practical one. Natural stone floors will always increase your home’s resale value. And unlike other types of flooring, it improves with age. The ability of stone tile to resist moisture and staining depends on the hardness of the stone. Softer stones such as sandstone and limestone must be finished with a top coat stone sealer every few years. Harder stones, granite and marble for example, should be sealed every four to five years.
Vinyl floor tiles and vinyl sheets are called resilient flooring. The two main types of vinyl floors on the market today are Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT ) and Vinyl Plank. They’re flexible and slightly soft underfoot. They’re tough, durable. Vinyl flooring comes in an large array of colors and patterns at relatively modest cost. Recent developments in vinyl manufacturing technology have enable manufacturers to make vinyl floors that are more beautiful, and more realistic in comparison to the materials they emulate, most often wood and tile. Cushioned vinyl is backed with a thin layer of foam that offers an extra measure of comfort and safety. A thicker vinyl surface means a better quality and higher price. Thicker vinyl may have a textured surface that looks like real stone and wood. Vinyl flooring has a wear layer on its upper surface that helps resist stains and scratches. The best vinyl products provide warranties on the wear layer of as much as 15 years, and you can expect good-quality vinyl to last 20 years.
Linoleum Flooring
Linoleum is made with renewable, biodegradable materials including linseed oil and cork. Mineral pigments are added to produce rich, vibrant colors. Linoleum floors are strong and ” Green .” Linoleum produces no harmful vapors and is considered a top high quality environmentally friendly flooring choice. Linoleum is a resilient flooring product. The color of the material goes all the way through the sheets and it lasts forever. Linoleum is available as sheet goods designed for glue-down installation and as laminated planks and tiles that install as a floating floor system. Some manufacturers provide a protective coating that prevents staining and helps the product to stand up under high foot traffic. Linoleum without this top coating should be refinished about every two years.
Cork Flooring
Cork is harvested from the bark of a tree. The bark is harvested  about every 10 years and is a sustainable material, meaning the tree is not destroyed but is allowed to regenerate new bark that can be re-harvested again and again over the life time of the tree.  Because they are eco-friendly and a highly renewable resource, cork is a great choice for “green” flooring. Typically, cork-producing countries regulate production to ensure future harvests, so the impact on the environment is very low. Cork flooring has a warm, natural look and is  very comfortable underfoot. Cork floors come in tiles or planks with a laminate type construction. A top wear layer attached to a stable core backing material. Cork flooring is either glued down or installed as a floating floor.
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo has increasingly become a popular flooring material and is often thought of as wood but, bamboo is technically a grass. Yet it is harder than some woods used for flooring. Bamboo floors are now available in every style you could find with any wood floor. Bamboo strands are glued together to form solid strips or engineered planks, similar to engineered hardwood flooring. Grain patterns include flat, vertical and woven. Bamboo flooring is very tough and extremely durable. Bamboo is considered a sustainable material and an environmentally friendly flooring choice.


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