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floor tile
Ceramic Tile is a very popular choice for flooring. We currently have some discounts on tile flooring that you may enjoy.  Ceramic tiles can be and are widely used in both homes and business offices throughout the United States. Ceramic tile can also be installed on walls, your back-splashes and showers. Tile can be used in nearly every floor in […]

Tile Flooring In Glendale – Phoenix AZ Area

Carpet sample colors
Choosing A Carpet To Be Installed In Your Phoenix Area Home. Residential Carpet, luxurious, soft, quiet, and comfortable. Appealing to the eye, easy on your body, and very affordable. New carpeting is often the chosen when old tile flooring is removed. Dust free tile removal is a service of Brandi Carpet. Wall to wall carpeting can and most often will […]

Choosing A Carpet

Laminate floor
Versatile, easy to maintain, and very reasonably priced, there are advantages of laminate flooring in that it can simulate the look of dozens of different natural hardwood floors, natural stone, ceramic tile and many other natural flooring types. And combined with high tech embossing texture methods laminates are even able to reproduce the surface texture of these natural flooring products. […]


patterned Berber carpet
I think that every Carpet Store in Phoenix is more than ready and able to sell you carpet, but the question really is which is The Best Carpet Store also how many of these other flooring shops can elaborate on the advantages to the consumer when choosing Carpet over other Flooring Installation in Phoenix. To help understand these advantages, one […]


painted kid and carpet
“Mommy, what other colors should I use to paint the rug?” Now there’s a question that will do anything but warm the cockles of your heart! Obviously, when it comes to choosing carpet for a child’s room, Durability is a major concern. It is not, however, the only thing to be factored in when contemplating KIDS AND PHOENIX CARPET INSTALLATION! […]


Maple laminate flooring
Brandi Carpet and Flooring has a number of discounted laminates available please consider the added savings as you look for laminate flooring. Laminate floor designs today come in variety of styles normally from the hardwood flooring designs, stone and slate tiling, and ceramic tile. Laminate floors are exceptionally durable, by choosing laminate your floors will be provided with years of […]

Laminate Flooring-Glendale-Phoenix

Carpet padding
    How to choose Carpet Padding. Once you have picked out your new carpeting from Brandi Carpet there are a few things to consider about your carpet pad. Carpet padding can not be overlooked when choosing and installing new carpet. Unless you are installing outdoor carpeting a pad beneath your new carpet is required by most carpet manufacturers or […]

How to choose Carpet Padding?

Unique carpet installation in Glendale AZ. Have you ever wondered what the Romulans and Klingons walk on? Well, if it is carpet it is possible that it was made right here on Earth! Schonherr, a German company with looms that are well known for their high-density weaving, are currently producing The Nebula Collection of rugs created by designers David Schonen […]


Brandi Carpet Sales and Installation
Flooring can easily be divided into two categories: Soft flooring as in carpet or hard surface flooring from ceramic and stone tile to wood and laminate flooring. Your flooring needs will be dependent on what your floors currently have over them and if you’re keeping the property or planning to sell. When preparing your home for sale and considering new […]


When you consider carpet materials, one of your main options really should be Nylon.  Though man-made, unlike wool, for example, it is still a most viable material to have carpet made out of. Nylon is most noted for its durability. Because it’s the hardest of all the synthetic carpet fibers, it resists wear and abrasion extremely well. A nylon carpet will usually […]


Red Carpet Treatment
Homeowners, and Business Professionals in the Glendale Phoenix area have to take into consideration that the floor coverings, walls, and ceiling for that matter, are a vital part in creating a comfortable, pleasant, environment. A place that one feels at ease in. This may be especially true for business owners. No longer do stores rely solely on the products they […]


  Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet. Restoration or buying new Mohawk carpet? Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet was a question I was recently asked. Your carpet receives the greatest part of a household’s wear and tear. From high foot traffic to pet stains, occasional drink spills, messy food-stains, soil and grim, sun fading, and a lot more. While […]

Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet

Tufted Diagram
How carpet is made and a little history. One of the great ironies of life is demonstrated when a client goes to a professional and advises them that they know exactly what they want and then, when that professional provides them with exactly what they requested, they are upset with the professional because they didn’t get what they wanted!  One […]

How carpet is made

carpet seam
Seams and carpet installation everything may not be what it ‘seems’ to be. One of the main challenges involved in CARPET INSTALLATION is accomplishing the “perfect seam.”  The real issue is determining what the “perfect seam” is.  And, looking at this in a pragmatic manner is the only way to actually understand the situation. First of all, by definition a seam […]


magic carpet dog
  Pets and new carpet. There are several things to consider where pets and carpet are concerned. The first is what carpet one should buy, and the other is how to best care for it once carpet installation takes place. There are, of course, many reason pets prefer new carpet to wood or vinyl, including: •    Pets find wall-to-wall carpeting best because […]


Smart Strand Carpet
What is Mohawk Smart Strand Carpet? Smart Strand carpet is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that will never wear or wash off for the life of the carpet. Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix AZ • Lifetime stain and soil resistance that’s built in, not sprayed on. • Protection that will never wear or wash off like some […]

What is Mohawk Smart Strand carpet?

Be sure to take a look at some of our recent flooring installations, we offer installation services and flooring sales in the greater Phoenix AZ area for new carpet, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, as well as new green flooring solutions such as linoleum, cork and bamboo flooring. If you need flooring solutions you’re in luck as […]

Flooring sales and installation in Phoenix AZ

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CARPET Carpets are named and grouped by the way each carpet is made. The fabric used is first woven through a backing material thousands of times to produce a carpet. Each time this action takes place the fabric forms a loop. These loops are then either left as is or are sheared, producing all the various styles of carpets you […]

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