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Music Notes written in carpet
    Our flooring store first opened in 1971 so you could easily say that I was raised doing floors for my Dad. My first side gig came when some neighborhood guys decided to set up a recording studio and they called me asking what I thought, “Carpet or hard surface flooring for the recording studio?” These guys were infused […]

Carpet or Hard Surface Flooring and Recording Studios

Hardwood flooring in the Glendale and surrounding Phoenix AZ areas will last several lifetimes, when cared for properly adding substantially to the value of your home or commercial building. In addition to the increased value hardwood flooring will bring to your building hardwoods are a common choice as flooring materials due to their environmental profile and durability. Wood flooring truly […]

Hardwood Flooring Glendale-Phoenix AZ Areas

Red Carpet Treatment
Homeowners, and Business Professionals in the Glendale Phoenix area have to take into consideration that the floor coverings, walls, and ceiling for that matter, are a vital part in creating a comfortable, pleasant, environment. A place that one feels at ease in. This may be especially true for business owners. No longer do stores rely solely on the products they […]