What Carpet is Best for Stairs and Hallway
Stairs represent a possible danger at your home, especially if the flooring is slippery. Therefore, choosing a carpet for stairs and hallway not only will reduce this risk, but it will also add style to your home. So, what carpet is best for stairs? Best Carpet for Stairs The carpet on stairs should be long-lasting and slip-free, as it must […]

What Carpet Is Best for Stairs?

What is the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas
On a daily basis, some areas of your home are exposed to high foot traffic, so when you plan to install new carpets in them, it’s important to look for slip-free and highly resistant materials. So, what is the best carpet for high traffic areas? What Is the Best Carpet? The good news is that most modern carpets also work […]

What Is the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas?

What Type of Carpet Is Best With Pets
When homeowners are also pet lovers, there are two main qualities they look for in their new pet-friendly carpet: it needs to be the best stain resistant carpet and it also needs to be a long-lasting carpet in areas of high traffic. Considering that four-legged traffic can shorten its lifespan, it is highly important for homeowners to find the best […]

What Type of Carpet Is Best With Pets?

Wishbone Design creates bikes from old carpets.
Carpet Recycling in Glendale Arizona Is Easier Than You Think. It may not be too long before you will be able to ride your worn out carpet to work. While that comment sounds as though it deserves a chuckle. Any Glendale Arizona Carpet Company will tell you that one of the greatest challenges facing not only the country but the world […]

Carpet Recycling in Glendale Arizona

Carpet sample colors
Choosing A Carpet To Be Installed In Your Phoenix Area Home. Residential Carpet, luxurious, soft, quiet, and comfortable. Appealing to the eye, easy on your body, and very affordable. New carpeting is often the chosen when old tile flooring is removed. Dust free tile removal is a service of Brandi Carpet. Wall to wall carpeting can and most often will […]

Choosing A Carpet

pet dander
Here are three popular “myths” that many people might actually believe: • The Salem witches were burned • Pigeons will blow up if your feed them uncooked rice • Wood floors are better than carpets if you have allergies Actually several recent studies on Allergies and Carpet have shown that quite the opposite is true. It is because of these two […]


carpet moth
  Moths and your Glendale AZ carpet. “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thought of MOTHS!” If you are under the impression that the quote is a little askew you are absolutely right! What Alfred Lord Tennyson actually said in his poem, “Locksley Hall” was, “In the spring a young man’s fancy light turns to thoughts […]

Moths and your carpet

When it comes to GOING “GREEN” AND PHOENIX CARPETING, the question ‘why’ has a myriad of answers. Those answers include:  They are not as expensive as you may think – – often “coming in” at as little as $2 per sq ft.  It makes your home healthier, as it does not include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  Utilizing renewable materials will […]


coffee stain
There is, perhaps, nothing more satisfying and rewarding to a homeowner than to bask in the joy of having a newly installed Carpet.  And there is, perhaps, nothing that will “shadow” that glow quicker than a spilled cup of coffee or tea.  That’s why every homeowner needs to be aware of TEA AND COFFEE STAINS AND YOUR NEW CARPET. Stains […]


carpet pad
When you are shopping for new carpet flooring, you should make sure you are well informed regarding REBOND PADDING to lay under and support your carpet. There are several things that make Rebond Padding so special.  First of all, it is considered very “green” in nature as it is produced from scraps of “high density foams” that are “bonded” together.  The […]


Red Carpet Treatment
Homeowners, and Business Professionals in the Glendale Phoenix area have to take into consideration that the floor coverings, walls, and ceiling for that matter, are a vital part in creating a comfortable, pleasant, environment. A place that one feels at ease in. This may be especially true for business owners. No longer do stores rely solely on the products they […]


  Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet. Restoration or buying new Mohawk carpet? Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet was a question I was recently asked. Your carpet receives the greatest part of a household’s wear and tear. From high foot traffic to pet stains, occasional drink spills, messy food-stains, soil and grim, sun fading, and a lot more. While […]

Carpet restoration or new Mohawk carpet

carpet recycling
Recycling carpet and other flooring products. While Kermit the Frog has maintained for years that “It Isn’t Easy Being Green,” we live in a generation that is striving diligently to do just that. And, an important aspect of that endeavor deals with RECYCLING AND NEW CARPET. An important aspect of helping to preserve the environment is minimizing the amount of material […]

Recycling Carpet

Tufted Diagram
How carpet is made and a little history. One of the great ironies of life is demonstrated when a client goes to a professional and advises them that they know exactly what they want and then, when that professional provides them with exactly what they requested, they are upset with the professional because they didn’t get what they wanted!  One […]

How carpet is made