Carpet Phoenix AZ

Carpet Phoenix AZ. Enter that phrase into your browser. What does that do for you exactly? Not much more than before the internet when people searched through the Yellow Pages. You choose the name of a company and basically that’s all you’ve got. Just the name. All you can be certain of is that they want to sell you a product.

We at Brandi Carpet  actually believe in the products and services we provide. We believe in the people who make up our business. That means each person who works with us and that means you, our future customer.  Purchasing flooring products can be difficult, at best. At worst you’re faced with any number of carnival barkers trying to lure you into a commitment that you aren’t sure of.

We happen to be fully committed to providing everyone an education concerning our industry. Whenever any person is educated about a subject they are better able to make informed decisions. If you take some time and read through our site one time you will know more than the majority of sales personnel at any of the big box home improvement stores.  If you read through our site several times. Then you’ll have enough information to match wits against most sales people at even small independent shops. And that’s a fact. Below are some facts and terms concerning carpets that will help you on your way to make an informed educated decision concerning your future purchase.

Carpet Types and Styles

The following information concerning carpet styles is listed in no specific order as to my personal preferences or recommendations. Nor does this list given infer that anyone style is better than another. Choosing carpet is a personal affair and if you find something that you absolutely enjoy well then I’m very pleased and happy for you! Over the years I’ve seen and heard about certain individuals sales tactics that I find distasteful. I just want to simplify the process for you.

SCULPTURED (also known as HIGH LOW)

This construction type will wear well for years to come. The materials used are tightly twisted together providing for a resilient surface to walk across.  Fibers are first twisted then cut in different directions so they form a non-uniformed style and look to the floor covering allowing for traffic and surface dirt to be easily hidden. In addition to this foot traffic is not easily show. A perfect choice when you are concerned with foot prints or vacuum marks.

No Mystery here. The fibers of these carpets are both looped and cut. Keep in mind that during the process of manufacturing all carpeting fibers are looped into and though a backing material. What happens next with this particular style is some of the material piles are precisely cut allowing manufacturers to create a seeming infinite amount of designs and also textures.

The operative words for me here are dense and uniform. If looking at any Berber carpeting you should only choose those that are tight and closely looped. Larger looped pieces seem to me, to look worn out long before they really are. And that, again to me, defeats the whole thought behind this type of construction.

Density is the defining attribute of a true Berber floor covering. What it gives up in comfort it makes up two fold in durability. That is for normal people traffic. Not recommended for areas with pets or small children.



    Carpet In The Kitchen

Recently I was asked, “Can I put carpet in the kitchen?” “Certainly!” was my response. My thoughts though were two fold, Does your kitchen have a floor? Years ago I would have attempted to explain to a customer that there might be other floor coverings that would be better than carpet in the kitchen. But I have learned a valuable lesson over the years, one that my Father taught me over and over, “The customer is the person that lives with their floors every day.

It is not for us to decide what floor covering is best for them. It is our job to always provide the best options available, give our input as qualified experts in the field and then provide the very best installation that is possible.” Period. So if you decide that your home would be better with carpeting across your kitchen floor then we will provide you all the possible options available that will best suite your needs and the needs of your family. Carpet Phoenix AZ is our bread and butter.

Carpet Phoenix Carpet Tiles


I would suggest though, if you’re considering carpet on your kitchen floors that you consider carpet squares, at times referred to as carpet tiles. You may not be aware of this product but, you see them each and every day in businesses across the Phoenix Glendale area. Carpet tiles come in nearly as large an assortment as does ceramic tile but, naturally carpet squares are much easier on your feet. And this is one primary reason some people would like to consider carpet in the kitchen.. COMFORT.

There are two basic factors to take into account first as you think about carpeting your own home’s kitchen. One is that the kitchen is by far usually the most used and most traveled room in the home. Even our pets make frequent trips into the kitchen. Now everybody enters into a room following the path of least resistance and they most often leave the same way they came in. So we need to think about how much actual wear your carpet will be subjected to. This will help us to determine which fabrics would be best for your floor and what actual style of carpet tile would be best for your home.  The second factor I’d bring to your attention is your kitchen floor is subject to be spilled on. Everything from the detergents we use to clean our dishes and counter tops to spills and splatters from cooking.

With today’s commercial grade carpet tiles most things that might end up on the floor will pose little problem and should be easy to clean up. The biggest problem, as I see it, would be grease. Small splatters from cooking may well go unnoticed at the first but, grease will bind to the fabric of the carpet and eventually could cause at least some minor discoloration of the carpet material. Taking this into account, I would suggest a patterned carpet square that would easily hide even major spills and certainly all your minor daily mishaps. So with all things taken into consideration, not only can you put carpet in your kitchen, you can do so knowing your floors will look great and stay that way for years to come.


While doing research into all the possibilities of installing carpet on someone’s kitchen floor, I called my Dad and asked him about it. My Dad has been in the flooring business longer than I’ve been alive, he is my secret weapon concerning “All Things Flooring” and actually “All Things In Life.” Whenever I need an answer, that’s who I turn to. Especially when it comes to my flooring store.

After he and I discussed the different choices including Indoor Outdoor Carpet, he paused and told me about a Carpet Company named Viking Carpets that was around in the late 1960’s to the mid 1970’s. Their Motto was, “Kitchen Carpets For People Who Don’t Like Carpet In The Kitchen.” Statue-Viking-Viking-Carpet-Store-logo They had manufactured a number of large fiber glass 20 foot tall Vikings that they would both tour the Nation with and leave at various Carpet Outlet Stores in The U.S. My Dad told me they even manufactured party dresses for women made out of the carpet material as a promotional gimmick. But their Carpet Company folded after a few years. The problem seems to have been that the carpet material wasn’t all that comfortable. My Dad said the stuff was coarser than those green scrubby pads we all use in the kitchen to scrub out our pots and pans.

I tried to imagine first what the carpet would feel like underfoot then I thought about turning that into some kind of a dress for a lady.. It boggled my mind. I asked my Dad about the dresses, and he said he never actually saw any of them in person, he only remembered their print ads.

When I asked him if he thought any woman would ever wear a dress made from some super coarse material like that he said, “Well son.. it was The 60’s. People did quite a lot of crazy and far out things back then. I guess wearing a dress made from carpet material that would scrap the skin off your backside wasn’t the worst or the weirdest thing they did back then. I suppose maybe that’s why the Company went out of business. The 60’s finally came to an end and most people sobered up a bit.”

That’s my Dad, always the practical one! My name is Chris Brown and I own Brandi Carpet And Flooring. I was raised in the carpet and flooring business. Call us today for a free quote chances are that I’ll be the person that you first speak with. Thank you we’re looking forward to provide you with the very best in flooring sales and installation. Brandi Carpet more than a family owned and operated business. It’s my legacy.