The thing is when many people think of ACOUSTICS AND NEW FLOORING they are primarily thinking about preventing noise by absorbing sound either from inside the room or from adjacent rooms. Actually, what they actually need to determine is what any specific room is used for primarily and then determine what they may need to do with it in terms of acoustics from the floor up. Do they require a soft surface carpet that can easily absorb surface noise or something more dense to control the noise of foot falls? Sound that is transmitted from impact, such as walking over the floor, is very different from sound that travels through the air and requires different remedies is either, or both is a concern.

When you are thinking about buying new flooring in the Glendale Phoenix area, you have to determine what, exactly, the room you are going to buy new carpet, or hard surface flooring, for is going to be used for.  In some rooms, you don’t want the sound to be entirely muted or completely absorbed. You don’t want a dead zone. After all sound is such an important part in the lives of most of us. Especially when it comes to leisure times in the home.

For example, your home theater system for watching films. The problem here is you will want the sound controlled, both highs and lows, allowing you to experience better sound quality. Rather than laying a very dense carpet then having to over power it with higher volume you may want a low density carpet for your floor covering or even something like laminate, vinyl, even linoleum with area rugs tastefully placed about on the floor. We custom manufacture area rugs for any room in your home to exactly match whatever your interior decor may be.

When you are creating strictly a room for your musical sound system you might find a wood floor with an area rug of medium density to be more appropriate. Either an engineered wood floor or solid hardwood works well. You’ll want some of the “brightness” of the music to be reflected from the floor allowing for a more natural sound.

And while sub flooring and installation does help with dampening the acoustics of a room, it isn’t the only thing that does so. Your style of furniture, wall coverings, even book shelves and your ceilings all play a part in the over-all acoustical plan of your room. Whenever music plays an important part in your home setting you really need to think about a complete acoustics assessment prior to your decision concerning your new flooring.

As you can see, acoustics can be, and perhaps should be a major concern to every music lover who is looking into the purchase of new flooring. So the next time you decorate, or re-decorate, a room think about the sound of the room and what you’d like to achieve with your new flooring. Do you desire a brighter sounding room, or a do you have a room that may require a softer tonal quality than it now has? When that happens, you will want to contact Chris Brown of BRANDI CARPET at 602-475-0931 or and he and his staff will provide you with all the pertinent information you will need before you purchase your new flooring!

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